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Date Published: 10/26/10

Stop these Bomb Threats Now!


What is this world turning into ? As Nigerians, we hear of bomb blast in other parts of the world and we wonder what went wrong and pray for them. But as of October 1 st, 2010, Nigeria,  one of the greatest nations in Africa became one of those countries we normally hear and talk about. The designation of two car bombs killing about fourteen people in the  name of politics or whatever is really happening.

And now the crazy trend of sending bomb threats to scare and deter innocent people from doing their jobs has begun. On Wednesday October 20 th, 2010, The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission raised the  alarm on threats  sent to some of its officials via a text message through some top media executives to bomb its office and some other government agencies  in the  FCT.

My simple question is:  what is  happening to the giant of Africa ?  When did Nigeria become so violent to start using bomb as a tool of  selfish political ambition. People’s  lives are being played with,  not some toys  bought from the market. What happened to the country I used  to be proud to call my home?

If truly this country wants to restore its image as the known peaceful giant of Africa, then i strongly advice and plead with the people of Nigeria to stand up to these bullies trying to make our country one of those places that tourists will be scared to visit.  And why will anyone target the EFCC and its officials for a bomb attack? Almighty Allah will expose the ugly faces of those plotting evil against our nation, Insha Allah.


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