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Date Published: 10/22/10

Bayelsa State Scholarship Medical Students still left to suffer in Belarus


Its no longer cutting the attention of the media in Nigeria, just as it has escaped the memory of Gnr.Sylva and his finance commissioner that only less than half of the students in BELARUS graduated june,2010. And believe me that was the last time we got paid.

The medical students who are yet to graduate next year summer have not been paid more than three (3) months.Even the university is upset with the way things are handled by the state despite the discount given school fees,hostel fees and immigration registration fees have not been paid.This is third but worst yearly delays.And there is just no concern (by calling or writing the university authorities) from the state.

We were already illegal in the country from the 19th of sept. but the university has to save the situation by spending their money to register us for another year hoping that the "second-term seeking governor Sylva with excellent deeds" will pay for what will make his state develop in medical man-power.

Worst of all our parents and relatives at home can not even send us money as they face the same but lesser in comparison neglect from the state.The usual story is "the governor has approved the money but there is no money in the state".But we know the governor and finance commissioner are only being polite and political in telling us "do svidanya = goodbye".

I wish to draw your attention to our plight, "living and studying abroad" its not  that sweet and cozy as guys fantasize at home.So,please it will be a great favour if you let this pass to govnr Sylva and President Jonathan in the tabloids (not just online) as they are both responsible for our present day fraustration abroad.


an affected student (BELARUS)      

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