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Date Published: 10/22/10

That Bomb Blast in Abuja


On the day Nigeria was to celebrate her golden jubilee (though i wasn't celebrating), something terrible and unfortunate happened. There was bomb blast, a blast that terminated the lives of Nigerians. Among the dead, were probably those who would save this country from its many problems.

While our politicians, those responsible for sorry state of Nigeria were busy merry making, those around the premises turned out to be the victims of that unfortunate blast. Nobody should quote me wrongly, i don't in anyway support what happened on the 1/10/10. Infact, immediately i got the news from a friend, i was downcast. In order to confirm the veracity of the news, i immediately logged onto the internet. While surfing the internet, i stumbled upon the alleged threat by MEND. I got thinking after perusal, whether our security operatives took this threat seriously, or did they suspect that such a threat could not be carried out?

While the affected families were mourning their dead, and praying for the injured, President Goodluck Jonathan issued a controversial statement with the intention of absolving MEND of complicity. At this juncture i want to ask, is that the most expedient thing to do as commander in-chief? If Mr. President knew the attackers like he claimed, why didn't he stop them or send the security operatives after them? Let me hasten to add here that i am not unaware that Mr. President has been feebly trying to explain what he meant. To me, such explanation is belated! He dosen't need anybody to tell that he ought to calculate the consequences of his statements, before he utters them. Infact, why did it take him about two weeks before he chosed to offer an explanation, is he trying to take Nigerians for a ride?

In our usual manner, we regionalised and politicised the bomb explosion. There were accusations and counter accusations. Unfortunately, we seem not to know the things we should play politics with, and the things we shouldn't. This explosion should serve as an eye opener to the average Nigerian, to the fact that our political leaders care less about our interest. All they care about is their selfish and parochial interest. They turn a blind eye on national and collective interest. (The shameful display at the senate underscores this point).

Our leaders fail to understand the fact that they must not politicise every issue. If the president, senators or any of our political leaders were personally affected, would they have acted the way they did? Their conduct and actions confirms the notion that in Nigeria, human life is of little or no value. Little wonder why the increase in the number of murder cases, and the rise in insecurity remains unabated.

To the bereaved families, accept my heart sympathy. May the Almighty strengthen and comfort you. To those faceless blood suckers, here is a word for you. If you an axe to grind with the government or any body at all, there are appropriate means of chanelling your grievances, and not resorting to cowardice like you have done, under a pseudo personality. God bless Nigeria.

Frank O. Ijege

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