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Date Published: 10/07/10

Open letter to President Goodluck Jonathan: Expectation from Nigerians


Mr. President,

It is our hope this note meets you well. Sometimes it takes wisdom and gift of judgment to appreciate the treasures that are hidden within one's bosom -that for which many may have laboured and longed over the years to behold. Wisdom steals in: some welcome it, others ignore it, oftentimes it comes into our arms unnoticed. Yet we would be sitting, relexaed or perturbed in the cosiness of our surroundings in anticipation for that moment to arrive.

It's often late and mostly close to the expiration of time that we recede and recollect ourselves only to discover that, indeed it was that gift and expectation for which we have been patiently expecting has long come. Sometimes, relationships that one had had over the years are drawn to a close before that one that belongs to you could have a passage into your life, so why should we dwell over the past that wasn't ours. The time is now to build a future that would be promising; with Goodluck Ebele Jonathan that future is assured -education, development & accountability are the guiding vision for Nigeria. We expect corruption to be minimized if not totally expunged.

Mr. President, we in the Reform Nigerian Movement is with you and would be there for your advice after 2011 elections after the victory if you listen to Nigerians and their needs. Past leaders have always given preference to political friends over the needs of the people and Nigeria. Your success starts when you recognise that Nigeria needs to rise to its name and place in Africa and the world. We need you and your administration to address issues that are of immediate and direct bearing on our people. Those that are marked with streaks of compassion, instead of embarking on certain ambitious projects that would only benefit the most privileged in our society. RNGJ strongly believe that it may not be long, with your style of inclusive politics; the public would choose the aroma of politics Nigeria wish for. Either the politics laced in decency or that adorned in empty rhetorics as has been the order of the day by past administrations will prevail in our country, it depends on the very foundation you lay. We believe that you can bring Nigeria its lost glory and make all Nierians proud of their country.

Reform Nigeria with Goodluck Jonathan (RNGJ 2011) as an organization is strongly rooted in the Western world, and galvanizing support for your candidacy in the Diaspora and Nigeria. RNGJ believes that your platform is by every means now better positioned to tell Nigerian voters in urban and rural Nigeria that you are the only candidate that can give voice to their concerns. We shall not rest our educational campaign until the battle is won in your favour. We believe that this battle can only be won in our favour if your political war room reacts humanely and timely to any allegation that would be channelled at you. Undue attacks on opponents must be minimized and focus should remain on what you can do to effect a civil society free of intimidation, corruption, and favoritism for all Nigerians. We do not need a war room of party thugs whose attack and reactions would
reduce your intergrity. Sorround yourself with men and women versed in political communication and strategies that are capable of responding to and countering the venting of well marinated resentments and acid-tipped communication strategies run by your political opponents.

No doubt, attacks on you and your style are underway but be rest assured, we at Reform Nigeria with Goodluck Jonathan 2011 shall address them headlong as they arise with the Western publics and prove them wrong when the need arises.
Mr. President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan, may God guide you to take Nigeria to the next level.

Joe Korka-Waadah
Executive Director
Ontario, Canada.

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