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Date Published: 10/03/10

Can you spot the difference between Turai and Patience?


Many are beginning to feel that there may be something wrong with people when they enter the seat of power, especially once in Aso Rock Villa. Once there, native doctors, Satanism, cultism, deceit, corruption, nepotism, voodoo practises, tribalism, sectionalism etc, take over the occupants ’ brain?

Most people, who got there, military and civil leaders alike, find it difficult to think of leaving. For instance look at former President Obasanjo who earlier than 1999 said he forget nothing at the top seat but when he was drafted, he sought to amend the Constitution in order to go for a third term which would have amounted to president -for- life. When that failed he devised another way by foisting the sick Umaru Yar ’ Adua on Nigerians thinking he could rule through him when the third time attempt failed. But even Umaru knowing he was very sick, the cabal around him led by Turai, wanted him to remain and rule while bedridden perpetually.

Of all the first ladies Nigeria has had, Turai Yar ’ Adua and Patience Jonathan are the most power-drunk. Turai touted vice-presidential post for herself but that could not fly. Patience, it is understood, in her days at OMPADEC remain the backbone of Goodluck Jonathan. Goodluck is being led now by Patience to jettison the delivery of needs of the citizens and now the slogan is “ it is our turn ” . Jonathan is getting power-drunk and replies to every little comment anyone makes touching his ego; and he does this either directly or through his Press Officers. All this are said to be emanating from Patience Jonathan.

Our first lady who remains in a non-elected post continues to easily harass elected governors who do not do her biddings. Her sins continue to mount; take for instance the loss of lives in an attempt to distribute rice on the street of Lagos. People see the death as a voodoo sacrifice otherwise she should have devised a known and simple method of distributing the rice.

Between Turai and Patience there is no much difference except that they have their respective modus operands.

Chief Cosmos Erharbor, Mississippi Street, Maitama, Abuja

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