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Date Published: 09/20/10

Letter to Mr. President


Dear Mr. President,

I always knew that you will contest in 2011; very few people will resist licking honey that suddenly enters the mouth. However like a popular proverb says “people should be wary of honey offered on the tip of a sharp knife lest one should lose the tongue in the process of licking the honey” The people that urged you to contest, the people around you, your political party members, your kitchen cabinet, they all have different agendas, and not all are to your benefit or for the progress of Nigeria.

However if I may inquire, out of all the groups/persons that desperately urged you to contest how many have deemed it fit to contribute financially to your campaign fund or do you only require moral support? I am sure every naira (if its dollar, the better) support you receive will go a long way towards the realization of your 2011 election dream. As we move towards 2011 you need to watch the people around you and the pieces of advice dished out to you in the guise of helping you.

Sir, in two recent separate accidents in the south west resulting sadly in the avoidable loss of numerous lives Mr. President, you did not utter a word or deem it fit to fit to send a representative to the location of these accidents. However looking at the flip side; a political party Headquarters was engulfed in fire and happily no deaths recorded and you, our dear Mr.Presidednt had the presence of mind and time to personally go and view the damage caused by the fire. A natural disaster occurs in the North Western part of the country Mr.Presidednt goes to offer some soothing words and commands military engineers to immediately construct make shift bridges to ensure that activities are not hampered. While I will not blame you I will advice you ( I am now a junior special adviser to Mr. President) to endeavor to do away with all the “yes” men that currently surround you and bring on board men that would give you the right advice and also tell you the hard truth when required. I know if your men had drawn your attention to the multiple car accidents which unconfirmed reports in the media blamed on policemen you would have set up the usual panel of inquiry to look into ‘the immediate and remote cause(s) .

On your Facebook page you said you will listen to us and that we should judge you on your current achievements. The people are groaning owing to the havoc been wrought on them by the mismanaged economy and you sir, and your team have decided that as part of your reelection promise to the good people of Nigeria to remove the subsidy on petroleum by 2011( the much touted year of Nigeria’s ‘Goodluck’).Is this how you listen? Are we to judge you based on your promise to remove the subsidy on petroleum products? In response to the sigh over the imminent strangulation your team has assured us (tongue-in-cheek) that the money saved on subsidy would be used to purchase buses to convey people on bad roads. Come to think of it, why do they always tie removal of subsidy to buses? Anytime they are removing the subsidy they tell us buses will be purchased for the masses. What happened to previous buses purchased with money saved on subsidy? Mr. President please tell your men to leave the subsidy and keep their buses, we need the subsidy more than we need buses! However if we are to believe that the Minister of Finance made the statement on removal of petroleum subsidy by 2011 without your approval kindly redeploy him to the vacant post of Minister of Siberia (Special) Duties.

Sir, as you said we are tired of promises and in that regards you have opted to limit your campaign promise to “promise less and deliver more”. Do not let your advisers put you in hot soup! That statement is an adaptation of customer service dictum; under promise and over deliver. Why should we give you our votes when we have no idea what you are going to do for us? Why should people give you their vote when they do not know your mission and vision? It’s like telling passengers in a vehicle that the ride will be comfortable but you have no idea as to the destination of the vehicle. Perhaps because people judged your former boss harshly on his seven point agenda you are scared of giving people any ammunition which they will use to shoot (judge) your government if and when you eventually emerge victorious come 2011.When you eventually go on campaign what will you tell the people “I will not make any promises because I know you are tired of promises. Just vote for me and I will surprise you. I will do what you want. Thank you my good people of Nigeria” With all due respect if you continue to maintain you will not make any promise, not only will Nigerians think you are bereft of ideas on how to move the country forward, your opponents will have a field day deriding your “I make no promises…” slogan. As for making serving Governors your zonal campaign coordinators and sending the Czarina of the anti corruption agency to hound in a Gestapo manner governors who are perceived not to be in support of your campaign, I reserve my comments.

Going to face book to kick start your campaign or is it declaration, it is all well and good but are we to believe that we should always turn to Facebook to communicate with you? What is the percentage of the voting public with access to the internet or even know about the social networking site called Facebook? You might have been told that the use of Facebook assisted Obama of U.S of A in his electoral victory, please keep in mind that this is Nigeria and that you are not Obama! While Obama was able to achieve electoral mileage via Facebook Mr. President Sir, you can achieve electoral mileage by commissioning projects that are beneficial to the masses completed by your government. In this regard instead of your current tours to commission state projects try and commission some of your own in all the 36 states and Abuja. Please also tell your boys to stop listing adequate fuel supply as part of your achievement. It is an insult that when we are marking (not celebrating) fifty years of independence, adequate fuel supply can be listed as an achievement. By the way sir when you were Vice President and also Ag. President we experienced fuel scarcity are we now to clap for you because of the availability of fuel for when you are yet to mark 365 days as President. Oga I beg, please tell us another story.

Heard a couple of your campaign jingles over the radio where you employed the services of some popular musical artiste. Perhaps it’s just me but the jingles are not impressive. It would have made me happier if these musical artistes had modified their hit tracks to compose campaign jingles for you. It is still early in the day, we have the full day ahead, and the campaign train is just pulling out of the station. I am yet to decide on who gets my vote, maybe it will be you and maybe not. Our prayers is for God to give us a President who will not only cater to the whims and caprices of politicians but a President that will also realize that Nigerians are not happy that after fifty years of independence there is no stable electrical power supply, no potable water, no good roads, educational system is fatigued, high rate of unemployment, foreigners (especially Indians and Lebanese) are treating Nigerians like slaves in Nigeria, politicians go abroad for medical treatment because our medical system is dire straits…the list is endless. If Ghana can get its act together then sir, why can we not also do the same?

I truly wish you all the best in your campaign.

Yours truly,

Imohimi Uduigwome Airenevboise

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