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Date Published: 10/04/11

A Nation without Shoes By Imohimi Uduigwome Airenevboise


I will not want to believe that a man who went to school without shoes and is now blessed that he is able to wiggle his toes in designer shoes is not aware that ordinary folks on the street who voted for him are suffering and complaining loudly that this is not the type of government they envisaged and dreamt of while casting their vote for PDP, nay, for Goodluck Jonathan. Many people did not vote for PDP rather they chose to vote for Goodluck but as bad luck (?) will have it, PDP is now holding Goodluck hostage and help is needed in a hurry to rescue him.

Goodluck desired that the price of cement be brought down to an affordable level and that kerosene should be available and sold at the recommended price. He said so! In comes PDP who have thwarted the desires of Goodluck to do good for his people. The people must be milked to ensure the continued comfort of the PDP helmsmen, why must the price of kerosene and cement be brought down when there is huge profit to be made by PDP members, after all they provided Goodluck with a platform when he had no shoes, oops sorry when he had no political base so who is he to give directives for prices to be reduced when PDP was not consulted. Now while Goodluck is wondering what happened to his presidential directive, the people are wondering what good is a Presidential directive if it needs luck to be implemented.

While we are confident that Goodluck did not tell us “read my lips no increase in prices” (apologies to the good ol’ Texan Bush) but given his background we had hoped that with (good) luck on our side, prices would at least remain stable if they do not go down. Now after all the song and dance about minimum wage (according to some civil servants what was added to their monthly pay packet cant even buy peanuts) Goodluck has signed the new minimum wage bill into law. Good for him, lucky for the few that work for the government. However PDP has now planned to exert its pound of flesh. Electricity tariff is to increase soon, pump price of fuel to go up (what they cunningly refer to as removal of subsidy), Federal Road Safety Commission is now a revenue generating agency so in line with the new improved minimum wage they have come up with an exorbitant new improved drivers licence and vehicle number plates which is compulsory for all vehicle owners! Everywhere prices are rising, people are lamenting and PDP is happy and what can we do but wish ourselves ‘goodluck’. By the way who is going to enforce the minimum wage law when the Minister for Labour turns a blind eye to the inhuman treatment meted out to Nigerians on their own soil by Asian bosses who scorn at the very idea of paying their Nigerian staff minimum wage!

They, those who do not wish Nigeria good luck, have even tried to despoil his good name with stories of corruption and tried his patience with innuendoes that his wife was caught at the airport trying to guide some ‘green backs’ to a more fertile location. Now our dear good and lucky hostage is constrained to whisper on issues of corruption and encourage his ‘trusted’ lieutenants to thread softly when dealing with the Bankoles and his fellow conspirators in the power probe scam. PDP knows Nigerians love a good show, so they always encourage their hostage to make a lot of noise for the cameras about fighting corruption, get a couple of court scenes for effects and after a couple of months the corrupt official can go home but not before paying PDP for facilitating the charade and ensuring that the goodluck they had in having easy access to loot state treasury does not have any adverse effect on their political future owing to some ‘misguided’ elements who might want to bring them to book on corruption charges.

Now that Goodluck is been held hostage and the rest of us are equally been held hostage by the ineptitude of our security agencies to curb the antics of home grown terrorist and kidnappers, who will rescue us ?Can someone please hurry up and please rescue our dear Goodluck ,the dove from the PDP hawks? Only then will Goodluck be in a position to rescue our nation Nigeria, a nation without shoes to progress to development and first world status.

Imohimi Uduigwome Airenevboise

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