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Date Published: 09/29/11

Nigerian Government and Personal Income Tax By Picater Patrick A. Ekwuruke


It is very unfortunate that Nigeria although still copying even at 50yrs of independence, could not copy well what others have already suffered to write! Nigerian government is very good at citing of how many years it took especially, the British and Americans to be where they are today, but forgot that, these people started from scratch to invent, manufacture and create things which were not in existence, and they were not copying any Country!

Today, almost all that Nigeria would ever need to succeed as a Country have already been made available by other Countries we tagged- "developed". Even in school today, if a student is not brilliant in a particular course, the one can copy perfectly well from his fellow student who is brilliant in that course if the one is given the opportunity to copy.

Regrettably, it is now taking Nigeria more than 50yrs to emulate, imitate, embrace, mimic or copy well things that have already been made available for her.

Now, Nigerian government is warming to sign 'Personal Income Tax' into law. If l may ask, what job did Nigerian government provide for her suffering citizens? Has Nigerian government failed now to look at Britain and America whom she pretends to be copying how they treat their citizens?

If she forgot, American government provides jobs for her citizens, and those who are not opportuned to secure jobs from 18yrs of age, are being paid sustainable amount of money by government to keep her citizens going. Also, America practice "True Federalism", what type of Federalism is Nigeria practising?

To this end, Nigerian government, please provide jobs for your suffering citizens, then, you can tax them based on what you have provided for them. And, as you are still copying, try as much as possible to copy well........!


Picater Patrick A. Ekwuruke


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