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Date Published: 09/29/11

Rejoinder: Getting Their Beering Wrong By Nonso Chukwudebe


Listen folks….
Listen very hard….
For I’ve got news for you…
I’ve got news for Pius Adesanmi and men of his ilk….
Men who would rather choose to believe the worst about everything….
Men who in their celebrated quest to be the mouth piece of the oppressed….
Replace one tyranny with another more despicable than that which they claim to uproot….
It’s called the “The Tyranny of the Pen”……
And in their kingdom, they are your absolute Monarchs…..
Dishing out untruth in robes labeled truth to their teeming subjects too ignorant to know any better…..
Even when they are unapologetic in contravening a basic rule in humanity’s quest for sanity…..
They expect us lesser mortals to automatically endorse it by joining them in chanting…..
Guilty until proven innocent…..

Though it is wisdom to properly educate their subjects…..
They believe that their endorsement of belief in seeming truth is enough for the ignorant ….
So they cleverly forget to mention that even to the receiving nation, the contents of a diplomatic cable….
Especially cables that dwell on espionage…..
Are not regarded as absolute truths but must be sent to a central body where a team of trained experts analyze it with a view to taking the wheat away from the chaff….
In their blind worship of everything western they are incapable of imagining scenarios where the possibility of western diplomats “sexing up” information is a reality…..
Though revelations are mounting by the day of how some elements in American Intelligence circles embellished reports in the build-up to the Iraqi invasion…..
The Adesanmi’s of this world would rather choose to align with their dreams of a Nigeria where men MUST be guilty until proven innocent…..
And because they are lords, we have no choice but to understand them even when they admit to their illogic and frustrations being borne out of the “behavior of Nigeria’s political elite in fifty years of atrophied post colonial nationhood and statehood”….

It is this same frustration that would lead an otherwise civilized man to throw all decency to the wind and engage in exhuming a lie which to all intents and purposes was long dealt with and buried openly in the public cemetery…..
King Adesamni would have us believe that one of the symbols of his illogical frustrations had at one time put up nude pictures of his own daughters on Facebook but what he cleverly fails to highlight is the fact that this issue was dealt with to the point where the said pictures where paraded for all the world to see and make judgments….
And there the issue died a most natural death for want of evidence to buttress what was evidently a campaign of calumny against Chief Femi Fani-Kayode, a man he so callously referred to as a clown leaving us to wonder if the King had not degenerated into the same gutter he’d have us believe his symbols of frustration stems from…..
Though I’m a lesser being I make bold to challenge the “revered” king Adesanmi to produce any evidence of what he attempts to exhume but I must warn him that this penchant for believing even the most disturbing and absurd may be our hint to understanding the inner workings of a mind given to perversity…..
Yet again, what king Adesanmi will not tell us but hopes our ignorance will suffice is that like every other medium, Facebook is INDEED prone to attack and there remains EVERY POSSIBILITY that a man’s account can be hacked into and manipulated…..

This would explain the long rested issue of the said online altercation described by His Royal Majesty and one for which his famed frustration and negative fixation will not just not let him be….
A great writer is amongst other things, one who has mastered the art of delivering lines laced with innuendos, truth and half truths all in a bid to steer his undiscerning reader towards that which he plans for them to see and in this we MUST be unanimous in commending the great Professor for staying true to his craft….
We must praise him for having the courage to “owning” up to a deep-seethed frustration and its attendant effects of beclouding his sense of judgment…..

We must show pity for the debilitating effects on what is without a doubt a great mind…..
We must give ourselves to research with a view to extricating our minds from the stranglehold of those who love to keep us in bondage with their writing prowess…

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