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Date Published: 09/23/10

Endorsement of Jonathan, the United Nations of Nigeria, but Not the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) By Nnamdi Frank Akwada


In light of our past history, contemporary situation, and future trajectory, I have decided to join millions of Nigerian youths and others to support Mr. Goodluck Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan on his bid to run for the presidency. The citizens/inhabitants of Nigeria are at the peculiar juncture were posterity would judge us harshly if we fail to advance a government of accountability, transparency, and responsibility to the Nigerian people. President Jonathan exemplifies a leader that is committed and willing to consult with our fellow citizens, form consensus, and contribute to the improvement of the United Nations of Nigeria. However, in throwing my support “beside” President Jonathan I also reserve and profess our right to hold the President’s feet to the fire. In order words we would require checks and balances and become the opposition when the opportunities present. We have to make it significantly clear that this is not a cult of personality and objective measured yardsticks would be employed to verify inputs, outputs, and outcomes in the administration.

Consequently, as a citizen of Nigeria I intend to speak up against domestic and global forces that have aliened to destabilize and marginalize the aspirations of millions in our homeland. We are definitely not going to achieve an empowered and translucent government without resistance from some detractors who are very committed to maintaining the status quo. This includes people like John Campbell the former United States Ambassador to Nigeria and Caroline Duffield the British Broadcasting Corporation BBC correspondent in Nigeria. Ironically the aforementioned individuals are more preoccupied with sustaining the domination of the “So-Called” Nigerian elites (from all the various ethnicities and tribes) and the Northern Military Industrial Complex NMIC (our task masters for the last 50years). Our foreign friends and analyst are more concerned about the emotional trauma to the elites that our potentially lucid government poses. While Mr. Campbell writes about a potential military coup because of “the end of a power-sharing arrangement between the Muslim North and the Christian South,” Ms. Duffield espouses the view about controversies within the political elites. My summation is that our “So-Called” elites and the Northern military establishments have been collaborators for decades with western governments and companies like Halliburton and British Petroleum BP. Their partnership in many cases has been the antithesis to the interest of the ordinary woman/man in Nigeria.

Moreover, these multinational corporations are not pleased by any government that looks out for the primary interest of their electorates and/or citizens. History shows that they have propped up and supported the likes of General Olusegun Obasanjo the number one benefactor of the Northern Military Industrial Complex and General Ibrahim Badamasi Babangida a close second. Hence the generals venomous attempt to punish and silence their late critic, our national hero, and number one truth teller Mr. Fela Antikulapo Kuti. Though General Babangida and Buhari are pseudo contemporary champions of democracy, the truth is that they would not know what to do with democracy if it came to them in the middle of the night stack naked. Mr. Babangida is an imposter who needs to be incarcerated for his calamities against the Nigerian people and our government. We should emulate countries like Chile and Cambodia and bring up criminal charges against previous dictators to mitigate the arrogance and impunity of our unprofessional soldiers. Indeed Sanhurst military academy or any other military school for that matter is not a prerequisite for hijacking Nigeria. Mr. Babangida is likely going to re-invite the likes of President Bill Clinton and Reverend Jesse Jackson from the United States to shore up his so-called democracy portfolios, but he would definitely attempt to bribe members of the press and other stakeholders who lack any sense of discipline, decency and/or conviction. Nigerians should not rule out state sponsored violence financed by Babangida’s previous eight-year loot from our national treasury.

Similarly, the PDP should be scrutinized and cautioned for their attempted at selecting despots, embezzlers, and criminals for political office and positions. Personalities that distaste transparency and are only out to enrich themselves to the detriment of the Nigerian public. Those that want to accumulate mass wealth while our people languish in poverty and lack basic infrastructures. These individuals and families are more interested in owning multi million dollar mansions in Potomac Mills Maryland, Paris, and London. Nigerians should vote for President Jonathan but withdraw support for other PDP elected officer holders that have abused their power and public trust. In 2008, I voted for President Obama in the United States’ presidential elections however I refused to vote for the Democratic Party because they sanctioned the illegal preemptive aggressive war against Iraq. I could not support a party they could not stand up for their values and were cowed by the Republican Party into an unjust war. How the PDP in Nigeria decided that they were to rotate the presidency without putting into the equation the total domination by the NMIC for the last 50years of independence is beyond me? The same scoundrels (my mistake/my bad, they are our elites) decided to hold an entire nation of 150million people hostage because of deals within their political party that was done behind close doors.

Conversely, President Jonathan does not have the pedigree that we are accustomed to in our politicians which is a plus in this political dispensation. He currently presents with a disposition of humility and an eagerness to listen to the ordinary woman and man in Nigeria. Indeed politics is not his family business or profession and he has not risen from the Nigerian political class that thinks the fleecing of our country’s resources is their personal mission in life and/or birth right. After a long period of domination from the so-called Nigerian elites (of various ethnicities and tribes) and Northern Military Industrial Complex (NMIC) we have a chance to fulfill our destiny and become a shining example to the African continent and the world at large. But by no means do we intend to lend our assistance without verification and explanations, thus the occupants of Aso Rock (the seat to power in Nigeria) should realize that they serve the nation at our pleasure.


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