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Date Published: 08/02/10

Kano Politicking: Of Sadiq Dutse's unstable civil pen ferocious over-reaction and the Raison D'Etre for my critique on the big for nothing politicians By Magaji Idris




Digression and contravening of the Hippocratic Oath does not seem like a common sense. Sometimes truth is stranger than fiction. We often times choose what to believe. Could you believe that Pfizer and Doctor (medical) Abdulhamid Isa Dutse in April 1996 tested and administered their Trovan killer Drugs on about 300 guinea- pig children in Kano?  And could you believe that the short, fatso and ahlil-sunnah- like; Doctor Abdulhamid Isa Dutse would connive with Pfizer Pharmacia to kill and deform his poor and vulnerable people? It could be, because Hzun – tzu also posited that man’s nature is evil’. He did it, and now he is enjoying the spoils, and because we are wonted for rewarding corruption and profligacy, he is now the C.E.O of Aminu Kano Teaching Hospitals. (Refer to Leadership News Paper of Thursday 19th June 2008(p.15). Imagine Dr Sanda Mohammed Wudil with all his varnish of good behaviour and piety. Kudos to Professor Idris Mohammed who was hell bent against the drugs trial.


Nothing goes for nothing/anything. There is no gainsaying the fact that in every thing/happening there is cause-effect resultant. We could not just wake up one day to be corrupt but we must have seen it from the predecessors. We have seen how the leadership gave up over to wild and licentious looting. They are always overindulging, feeding their bodies, bulging their accounts and businesses, and are always at some sports, spots, meeting, eating, drinking, copulating, defecating, stealing, and in all other crude and crass physical want promptly. And over –flowingly engaging in successive acts of betrayal and sins of the flesh.  .The common man is left where he fell, in dire poverty, which even forced him to eat/sell up his seeds and suffering criminal arrogance and complacency. Example is better than precept:

Kudos to Mr. Sam Nda Isaiah my role model, a gadfly columnist, an adventurous journalist/writer, a doyen, and a journalist’s journalist, who gave us some insights into the Nigerian leadership. Hear him in his Book; Nigeria: Full Disclosure (p.278 – 285): “Alhaji Sule Lamido is by no means the only Nigerian politician that is fickle and double-faced. In fact most members of the nation’s political class, so called, are wont.”

“Expectedly, Lamido has been undistinguished in his job and hardly respected by his opposite numbers around the world. Sule Lamido is reveling in the job nonetheless. He is enjoying the job so much that he has been ready to repudiate his roots and even deny his pedigree. He has jettisoned his mentor, Abubakar Rimi, whom he now considers a troublesome lout. Recently, he advised Rimi publicly to find an alternative platform other than the party for the presidential ambition and stop disrupting the PDP. Sule Lamido has also cut off the umbilical cord that bound him to the masses. Lamido reviewed his kinship with the masses and decided to dump the unprofitable alliance. He has since recanted and now finds the pursuit of opportunism more lucrative than any thing the Talakawas would ever promise to offer.”

“Within one and a half years into the Obasanjo government, he transformed his residence on Surveyor Street located at the NNDC Quarters Sharada in Kano into one of the most expensive and well appointed homes in Nigeria, and we don’t know our Sule to belong to any of the several wealthy families of Kano. He has also never been a successful businessman at least not in the last four years. The entire structure of the property was put up in less than six months.

When a reporter, Malam Askira Aliyu fazed by this sudden display of inexplicable wealth asked him(Sule) last year in a meeting at the high brow Tahir Guest palace in Kano about this house and another one he was alleged to have bought on Ahmadu Bello way Kano from Mr. Tahir Fadallah a well known Lebanese national for #500 million, the Minister and Nigeria’s Chief Diplomat who is expected by etiquette to maintain the highest level of decorum and suavity at all times went overboard and slapped the investigative reporter hard on the face and then proceeded to dispense a world class upper cut for effect. The legendry Mohammed Ali would have been proud of him (Sule).”

“People like Lamido do not have a care in this world about the ordinary man and lacks the noble higher motive required for public office. Instead, he celebrates opportunism and will do anything to occupy space and be at the precincts of power. All his pretensions to progressive politics are only a means to that end.”

“Sule Lamido does not belong to any of the well-heeled families of Kano” is a known fact.

All the foregone arguments on Sule Lamido did not stun me the most but some years back when he was a Minister of External Affairs we happened to be on the same side of the traffic barricade at Magwam/State Road junction and nobody among all the people knew that the anointed Minister was in our midst because of the tinted windscreens of the luxurious Jeep. All of a sudden the right side windscreens were wound down from back seat and the Minister instead of him to wave, shake hand and cheer with the people/Talakawas, he was only seen hectoring and heaping diatribes to one of those self-willed, unemployed hobos found at traffic junctions, who in their quest to earn the grudging favour/charity from the prodigal VIPS, used to embark on washing, cleansing and tidying the windscreens of some selected vehicles before the traffic green light waves the people through. This ruffian and gunboat diplomacy of Sule Lamido on the hobo who wanted to tidy and cleanse the Minister’s windscreens left people hissing and hooting at him. To be plainly and honestly, I was his fan before, but from that hectoring traffic day and coupled with his backstabbing of the beatific late Abubakar Rimi, thus it seemed there was no love lost between I and Sule Lamido, the ruffian and a gunboat diplomat who defected to opportunism, and now a psychotic with a power. If I were Sule Lamido, I would have called that poor, unemployed hobo and tip him some negligible, careless token amount of N5,000.00,which may help him to swap to petrol hawking business, and from that day no one will besmear, vilify and castigate Sule Lamido in front of that hobo forever. Sule Lamido is a usual contempt, of fierce aspect/behaviour, stormy personality not a docile type of man. Yes more reason to detest him.

Sule Lamido, like Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso,is also apolitical. And they are all Obasanjo’s henchmen.  Compassion seems to be an anathema to them. God forbids.

The apolitical rubberneck Rabi’u Musa Kwankwaso seems to have been beset with the seven deadly sins: pride/vainglory, covetousness, lust, anger, gluttony, envy and sloth.

During Kwankwaso’s tyrannical reign workers annual increment of steps were cancelled throughout his tenure and promotions were withheld in 1999. Kwankwaso heavily levied workers salaries. He reversed some civil servants to lower levels through no fault of their own. He terminated all contract appointments of the non-indigenes. He subjected the state civil servants to mental and psychological torture with threat of rationalization. He was alleged to covetously pronounce “Allah Ya Isa” whenever he was to sign and endorse workers salaries at the end of every month because he considered it a sinecure wages.

Kwankwaso chose the path of greed and stone-deaf sadism, and tempted the very people who made him the governor, and the whole state felt provoked by this villainous apolitical rubberneck.

Hon. Farouk Mohammed Lawan, I liken him with the unlovely person called Martin Mynhardt in a book titled; Rumour of Rain: Martin’s mother, his wife, his oldest friend, his lover, the African who befriended him in London were all sacrificed one by one on the altar of Martin’s selfishness. Martin drives blindly on in his gleaning gray Mercedes leaving everyone who has loved him scattered in his wake.

In Kano, Jigawa and Nigeria today’s future barely includes tomorrow. It does not sound like somebody who believes in things will improve and be better for the common man, this is informed by the certitude besets by the fashion trend of the strong devouring the weak, leaders, elites ensconced in iniquitous system, plunder, proverbial treachery, cold smugness and snob  appeals.

       The integrity of the leader of the Integrity Group in the National Assembly is open to doubt because he did not win his third term ticket/ election but bribed his way to obtain the INEC CERTIFICATE. This betrays that his integrity is his diminutive/smallness in miniature. He is misanthropic, penurious, opportunist who waits to see which way the tide goes, and will craftily shunt and preempt the tide ahead to show that he has been around smarter than thou. He never returns kindness with kindness but with prig and cold smugness. His office enjoys the quietness of grave yard and ghost town, only a gloomy and stern looking personal secretary will treat a visitor with short shrift answer of: ‘he is not around/in town’. Hon. Farouk is not like his former mentor/master; ‘His Majesty”, the indefatigable, Right Honourable Umar Ghali Na-Abba, who did not anticipate that the political claptrap will visa him to the background/oblivion hence the political steam is fast running out of him.

Dr. Malam Ibrahim Shekarau the so called Sardaunan Kano will not make a hero as much have been said about him and his imposture administration, and anything more on him will amount to diminishing return stalemate or counter productive but he should beware of the after claps. But it is a known fact that he parted ways with his political mentor Buhari. Such a trend has been a constant cycle of repetition in Kano politics; Kwankwaso parted ways with Musa Gwadabe and Rimi. The beatific late Abubakar Rimi parted ways with late Malam Aminu Kano. Late Sardaunan Rabah, Sir Ahmadu Bello betrayed and bit the finger that fed and rescued him; that was late Sir Muhammadu Sanusi, a venerated leader. Not long ago Obasanjo betrayed and relegated IBB, the evil genius. But Obasanjo the Lucifer adumbrated the so called evil genius. How would you invite and sponsor your former boss to boss you again, after you have become equal with him, if at all you are an evil/good genius? Once beaten twice shy.

Kabiru Ibrahim Gaya is suave and docile politician but a celebrated deceit. The only fear people entertain about him is his impulsive and compulsive drive to eat up the future today and the next day he fumbles for workers salary. Simply he is a squandering and prodigal manager.

From this vantage point, it is glaringly clear that most of the past, present and future crop of politicians were/are pen robbers and band wagon of corruption. Pen robbers are worst kind of criminals; they are exterminators and misanthropists than a roadblock armed robbers, because the pen robber propped up poverty, humanitarian crisis and pogrom. They don’t fit to live because they are inhuman and abominable who transcend the Devil and armed robbers.

I suspect nay, I am sure that Sadiqdutse@yahoo.com’s or Sadiq Isa Dutse’s thrust was not to defend the malefactor governors of Kano and Jigawa but because his kith and kin Dr Abdulhamid Isa Dutse was mentioned not used in my earlier critique thus Sadiq went berserk.

The rebarbative Sadiq should feel free to tell me who is most barbaric between I and the malefactor, pen robber governors, or between I and the Doctors who contravened the Hippocratic Oath and without entering into any agreement for compensation with the guinea-pig children and their parents, went ahead and tested/administered the killer Trovanploxacin Drugs. He should feel free to tell me who is the worst criminal between a pen robber who strangulates and suffocates millions of citizens in the Country, which causes the rampart menace of armed robbery, child abuse/trafficking, oil bunkering, 419ners, homes breakages, schools drop- out, unemployment, high infant and child mortality rate, genocide of the over head factories/industries, votes and election rigging while an armed robber only cordons up a road block with yield or ye die Hobson choice. Pen robbers are worst kind of criminals, without them there would be no prevalence of armed robbers, so if an armed robber is sentenced to firing squad, what will be the fate of the pen robber, Trovan drugs administrator and Euthanasia Hospitals? Sanction, cursing and thunderbolt from the Sky. Including those say good thing  about a bad government/regime.

Sadiqdutse@yahoo.com are you not aware of the owner killing(sic) in some Arab Countries, whereas a family member is hungered/killed for bringing shame and dishonour to the family. Sule is a member of the Fulani family, not a member of Yiligawa family. And in our family we used to bury our own dead without inviting an outsider, a stormy petrel, clingy interloper of miasma influence like you, Sadiq.

Sadiqdutse@yahoo.com, may be a progeny of Yaligawa clan, whose great, great ancestor in the person of Dagaci Othman Kalmana (a deposed prince from southern Bornu) administered Kano for five months in the absence of Sarki Dauda (1421-1431) and became very rich because of peculation and embezzlement. Then what do you expect of Malam Shekarau who rules for eight consecutive years? He must be as rich as Croesus/sinful.

Who wrote the history? The victors wrote the history. We are the victors in the seven city states and beyond thus we are never strangers in all the west African sub region because we dig where we stand and also fought the jihad of Islamic reorientation not a caricature societal reorientation gimmick of Malam Ibrahim Shekarau, a lost minority tribe – a Rabeh’s drove-out and Sardauna’s convert, whose tribe (Kanakuru) will never be a governor in their state of origin.

Why should I ask Ibrahim Ado Kurawa, after all, he is a palace intellectual and a disowned Fula, who could not even comprehend a slightest expletive of “WAR MI WARMA”? Their Fulfulde, impact and influence started and end in the palaces. And as a down to gain posture, they pacify the strangers at the helm of affairs with an alibi that everybody is a migrant in Kano. Such palace intellectual cannot be unconnected with the ignobleness of the leadership.


No wonder some people are ready to take some crumbs and bread of idleness from the corrupt leadership’s table. Thank you Sadiq for telling us about your conviction of the malefactor politicians of Kano and Jigawa but for us that will not earn them any loyalty considering the stupendous grants they have been getting and what they have on the ground pertaining projects and human development, I am not aware of any appreciable gestures/development. . And for whatever good recorded by them, if any, I will say “virtue is its own reward”. And my critique on Sadiq’s masters will be taken as their meanness recoiling upon their heads. Heaven lays no more open to Sadiq’s masters’ performances and merits than on evil deed. Sure it is the crumbs and bread of idleness you are enjoying from your corrupt, malefactor masters that estrange me from you. I know most men nowadays don’t have minds above sycophancy, favouritism and mercenary motives, jockeying and insinuating. And thus cannot dare to foul one’s nest no matter the stinking decay. No one sane and moral will dare defend any villainous, usurper, egocentric and profligate pen robbers, who are invading, strangulating and suffocating us – the masses.

sadiqdutse@yahoo.com, you must need some kind of anchor because a man from far away Dutse Gadawur staying in an exclusive enclave/paradise of the prodigal VIPs- Abuja, must have someone to cling at even if it is a drudge with hare-lips, a usurper, a villainous corrupt representative of authority, please go on to insinuate. Those who profited from corruption and peculation are partakers in corruption.

Misnomer: Hon. Farouk Lawan represents Shanono and Bagwai not Dogowa. There is no Dogowa in Kano State but Doguwa. Take note the most unstable civil Sadiq, you are not conversant with Kano Politics. Ask the uncouth/uncultured Magaji Idris.


“Why should a mortal wish another mortal bad no matter what is his pain”?

“What have they done that should attract such uncultured remarks from Magaji Idris other than hatred, black stomach and animosity”?---Sadiqdutse@yahoo.com

Point to ponder: ‘Human life is a life lived towards death which we make advance to right from the day of our birth. It is the inheritance of everyone, it is therefore wrong for someone to rejoice somebody’s death’. But for somebody who removed himself from humanity, reasoning and become almost the Hobbesian Leviathan and the Shakespearean Colossus, started playing it god, and is overwhelmed by the fits of megalomania, then if you heartily feel for that fellow being then pray for his death as to have him stopped from sinning—because the wages of sin is death.

What will you do to corrupt leaders converting public resources to their own use and leaving the subjects in perpetual penury/poverty? What will you do to cavalier leaders who turned to be stone-deaf, dumb and have no iota of remorse in what they are doing? What will you do to those social/health workers who broke the Hippocratic Oath and administered/tested the killer Trovan drugs without entering into any compensation agreement with the guinea-pig children and their parents? What will you do to those sycophants, palace intellectuals and men-Friday praise-singing the inveterate materialistic leaders into vanity and vainglory? What will you do to the corrupt, misanthrope and pen robber leadership, who always engaged in self love/defense that which is not always a pleasure?

To wish another mortal bad is human.

To make uncultured remarks is also human.

To hate, with black stomach and animosity is also human.

But will Sadiqdutse@yahoo.com convince me that to give a bad and cavalier leadership to the people is godly?

That to praise-sing and defend an errant, malefactor, licentious and self-centered leadership is also godly?

‘Don’t place the blame on subordinates or people whose zeal exceeded their judgment and who may have done wrong in a cause they deeply believed to be right’. ---President Nixon. 

The petty done, the undone vast. And whoever writes has exposed oneself to criticism. I can survive the venoms and diatribes from the dog of king aspiring to be king of dogs. Sometimes the wrong person is the only person for you.


Romours and paranoia are endemic, and the grapevine information/story of sodomy gets about and such sullies the government/overseers.



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