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Date Published: 07/29/10

Our Leaders, As Imperfect Will of God By Sebastine Ularvwa


The norm for believers of the two major religions, Christianity and Islam forbid them from cursing their leaders. Instead, they are commanded to pray for such leaders. Infact, each of the two religions has implored its followers to intercede for their leaders in situations considered terrible against them, in order that their vintage positions shall translate in moving society forward. This injunction underlines the important role such leaders are expected to play in the life of a nation. That is why it is commonly said in common parlance “nations fall or progress as a result of the calibre of leaders that superintend over them”.

The fractious nature of Adamawa elite, coupled with the setback it had caused the state as an entity both in the past and currently, speak volumes of the character of unprogressive leaders. One pointer to the myriad of confusions enveloping the state is the aftermath of the 2008 governorship Re-run election. A number of political heavy weights that worked tirelessly to bring back the Nyako-led government to power were schemed out of government favour. Obviously, it is natural they won’t be happy with the leadership. Senator Jibril Aminu who teleguided the trend of events which saw the undemocratic election of Murtala Nyako in 2007 is said to be responsible for the governor’s refusal to work with the bigwigs who contributed to governor Nyako’s comeback in April 2008. His major calculations then were to drive away stakeholders from Nyako, leaving him and few stooges around, purposely to dictate the pace of governance .

Prior to the formation of the PDP in 1999, Atiku Abubakar, Jibril Aminu, Mohammed Marwa and a host of other prominent elites had agreed gentlemanly, to move into the party, nurture it and even share the available positions devoid of squabbles. This arrangement could not last beyond 2003, when Atiku Abubakar the former Veepee, fell out on certain political issues with General Obasanjo, his former boss.

Since then, Keen political observers can attest that, politics in Adamawa had been hanging in the balance. It is neither here nor there. Everybody seems to be in a rat race, outsmarting, double crossing and in most cases doing the hatchet man’s job, all in the name of struggling for supremacy. Selfish and unhealthy as the issues are, the bone of contention that made the umbrella to leak in Adamawa against the cohesion that brought people under it in 1999 is mainly centered on Jibril Aminu.

The Senator is hell bent to convince people especially the aggrieved stakeholders that, the Nyako government and its party executives lack the constitutional power to operate. He has gone a step further to sponsor negative publications against the state ruling party. As if that is not enough, Aminu has broken the rank of disgruntled politicians including the Medan Teneke led faction, to wrestle power from Nyako by all means for a fee. It is rumored that, the Senator’s game plan is to frustrate the governor’s chances in 2011 and remain the one to call the shots in terms of who flies the tattered flag in all the elective offices in the state.

No wonder, his traducers call him the greatest burden of Adamawa politics. I tend to align myself with the opinion of one Mohammed Zayyad, a fellow writer who described Jibril Aminu in his recent write-up as “highly controversial, a chauvinist”. According to him “Senator Aminu’s ways of doing things at all times are in contrast to the characters of leaders that are just. And his politics are at poles-apart with the wishes of all Adamawa people”. And really, no matter what anybody would say, this is a perfect picture of the spoiler of governor Nyako’s government.

Taking you back to God’s injunctions on prayer for our leaders, suffice to say that, when this injunction was given in the Holy books, it was understandable. The leaders that the people of God had or being referred to, were ordained by Him, to inspire, mobilize, motivate and above all, guide His people to achieve a set of national and personal objectives to attain the over all well-being of the nation and the people.

Jibril Aminu and his co-travelers do not possess any of the aforementioned attributes of a leader worth the people’s prayer. His disqualification stems from his undemocratic, roguish, myopic and self- centeredness, demonstrated over the years among his people. Apart from conniving with General Obasanjo to disenfranchise Adamawans in 2007, the Senator equally imposed Murtala Nyako by shamelessly sidelining some notable and credible politicians against popular wish. In the same year he used his stooge, the former Secretary of the party, Aliyu Idi Hong currently a Junior Minister Foreign Affairs, to deny the sale of nomination forms to other Senator – hopefuls in favour of himself in the Central Zone. This is in addition to the denial of governorship aspirants from obtaining nominations forms without recourse to the PDP guidelines.

It is unfortunate, that after benefiting from the illegality of the small clique led by Mijinyawa Kugama, governor Nyako’s blood brother as stated above, that Jibril Aminu has just realized that governor Nyako and the PDP state Exco, lack constitutional powers to operate. So now that the governor is using his brother to strategize for 2 nd Term in office, Jibril Aminu and his co-travelers are not comfortable? Rubbish. They should bury their heads in shame and allow the old man peace of mind. Medan Teneke and his men, should beware of these crooks. They are known for use and dump politics.

It is instructive to remind Jibril Aminu and Aliyu Idi Hong that, he who goes to equity must go with clean hands. Just a little over 2 years ago, the same structure they used against people to force themselves into power, will be same platform that would be used to flush them out Insha Allahu. They should also note that, although Nyako is unproductive in terms of transforming the state, both Jibril Aminu and his godson, the Minister are disappointments to their various constituencies.

For example, 7 years down the line, Jibril Aminu’s rating by some national dailies, as one of the Senator’s who have not sponsored or seconded a bill in the senate, is not an exaggeration. As a bench-warmer, none of the 7 local governments encompassing his senatorial zone ever felt his impact since 2003. One will appreciate more the level of decay, neglect, despair and desolation on the faces of the constituents after a visit to the areas.

The minister of state Health is worse for that. Since his elevation in 2007, by governor Nyako his benefactor, there are no traces of any initiative to his credit in the entire state.

The junior minister’s lust for things under the skirt is one of his undoing. It is being rumored that with loose cash at his disposal, he a times goes out of the shores of the country’s border – Niger Republic to import female friends with whom to socialize. These are the kind of leaders ruling us. Ordinarily, responsible leaders worth their onions are supposed to be to people, what shepherds are to animals. For a shepherd, leadership is a vocation, a calling to show compassion, but to a hireling, it is pure business, simple. Most of the crop of leaders ruling us today, are not the perfect will of God, they are only there by His permissive will. They don’t deserve our prayers.

SEBASTINE ULARVWA is based in Hong

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