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Date Published: 07/21/10

If I Understood Dr Nwodo very Well By Ndiameeh Babrik


The average Nigerian politician and some of their academician collaborators are unpatriotic, selfish and think of their pockets first before even thinking of Nigeria.

Academicians who colluded with General Babangida to destroy Nigeria between 1985 and 1993 have suddenly turned constitutional lawyers overnight interpreting the letters and spirit of the PDP constitution.

They are of the view that Babangida should be given another chance to correct his mistakes.

But Babangida first and foremost has never owned to a single mistake anyway. He has always justified all the calamity he has wrought on Nigeria and Nigerians brandishing false documents.

Let us start giving all failed military tyrants right from General Ironsi another chance to correct their mistakes then. While if we can't wake the dead from the grave, we can start from the first living military Head of State, General Gowon, then General Buhari in that order.

If I understood Dr Okwesilise Nwodo in all his interviews very well, He never said zoning is dead in PDP rather it was observed more in breach than in observation. This we pointed out as far back as march 2010 even when Yar'adua was alive.

I really liked the explanation the chairman made about the history of the PDP presidential primary conventions in 1999, 2003 and 2007.

He placed the facts on the table for all to see. Apart from 1999, PDP presidential primary conventions he said, the zoning agreement was never complied with any longer. All these are there for people to cross check and ascertain. All these politicians who are at the twilight of their career where were they in 2003 and in 2007 to interpret PDP constitution to Chief Gemade, Alhaji Abubukar Rimi, Chief Rochas Okorocha and many others.

It is on record that more aspirants from the southern part of Nigerian contested the PDP presidential primaries in 2007 than from the North even if there was zoning. So what is different this time? What has changed between 2003, 2007 and 2010/2011?

Nobody whatsoever should be blackmailed into chickening out of the presidential race. Not the least Dr Goodluck Jonathan. Let us assume that Chief Rochas Okoracha won the PDP primaries in 2007, would he have been prevented from flying the PDP flag because simply he is from the South?  If Yar'adua had died in Germany in February 2007 when he was rushed there during the campaign, wouldn't PDP  have continued with the Jonathan ticket?

It is so silly when senile politicians like Tanko Yakassi have memory lost now and cannot recollect anything useful to contribute to the development of Nigeria.

For Nigeria to move forward we cannot afford to re-cycle failed leaders who for all intent and purposes are desperate for power to massage their personal egos. These are the same leaders who have been indicted by the World Bank for stealing  $400 billion US dollars out of Nigeria from 1979 and 2009. Can Nigeria really afford to have such kleptomaniac in charge of their finances and in leadership position again?

But which North are we talking of now in Nigeria? Is it the North that is at war with itself? Check it out, there is persistent ethno-religious  crises in Plateau and Bauchi State. It reared its ugly head again last week in Wukari  Taraba State.

Kaduna State presently has tension building up. There is nothing like North any more.

Please let us call for the sovereign national conference and talk Nigeria over for good.

Dr Goodluck Jonathan must contest in 2011. Nobody must be blackmailed out of the PDP presidential primaries.

If antecedents is anything to go by, only General Buhari amongst the old brigades has the patriotism, honesty, integrity and the will to solve Nigeria's numerous hydra headed problems.  Not persons whose hands are stained with blood, corruption, betrayal and treachery. But when you watch President Barrack  Obama and PM David Cameron on Television, one will think may be Nigerian youth should be given a chance. The Nigerian youths as was exemplified two weeks ago by Dimeji Bankole is ready to apologise when they have offended the citizenry. He went to a primary school in Abuja to apologise to the pupil for the brawl in the lower chambers.

To all leaders and especially failed military leaders there may never be second chance.

 OBJ was lucky he had one.

Ndiameeh Babrik.


July 21, 2010

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