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Date Published: 07/21/10

I have a problem with our leadership 9JA By Boteng Akwatua


Please I have a problem with our country leadership, my problem lies on the lying tongues of the leadership of Nigeria, I am a free citizen by all ramification and I love my country, but with the events of every day, I wonder if truly there is a leader in Nigeria, considering what happen to other countries of the world.

Well I am not residing there, I am in asia and l have been here for number of years, and I read a lot of Nigeria news every second, every  hour and every day. But l have started to wonder why is our leader deceiving us, l am in Thailand as a matter of fact, but I want to know what is the need of our leaders not standing up to their promises, instead it is stealing and stealing, and no body question who steals, how can a dog call the other dog to action when all are dogs.

l  have taken my time to cross check information and I discovered that everything about us is purely to your tent oh Israel, now my problem is the rising issue of kidnapping that is eaten us gradually, without any of our leader been serious about it, l personally refuse to come back because I did not want to be a victim of such, but I have started to wonder within me why should people be kidnapping his brothers or sisters, and what is the action of the government??? This are many question that need a million answer and the answer must come from three Nigeria , Goodluck, Mark and Bankole,

then let me take time to speak on the three.

Goodluck, the president of Nigeria is Goodluck but who is ruling us is Obasanjo who does not have shame, and he is remote controlling Good luck to any where he goes, not allowing him to work, just look at him with the man in calabar and I doubt if truly Goodluck can act freely without Obj, doing his bidding. If truly Good luck is sure he want to rule Nigeria then let him free himself from the shackles of obj, because nothing good can come out from two of them, what is happening now is white wash, sooner or later the truth will come out.

Then to Mark, all he is doing is pocketing Nigeria money into his bank account without anybody knowing, but with time what happen to his fellow will soon happen to him, because in as much as am concerned they are not representing the interest of the masses rather their family interest, let me give us a example of the kind of senator we have, during the last world assembly day hosted here in Thailand,  can you believe that a senator name withheld was telling a Nigerian here in Thailand who went to visit them,  that listen take any girl you like we have paid for them that it is part of the services we paid for, meaning the reason of them coming to Thailand is the girls, and it is our oil money that was been spent on them, and I ask myself what a shame to our leaders, But God will expose them all for the evil they are doing to Nigerian both home and abroad.

Then to Bankole, he is a thief reason why I openly call him that is this, what is he doing with billions he is stolen away, what did he think he can do with it, the bible said all is vanity, they all will die and will not finished the money they are stealing from the Nigerian, because when you think of 16 billion naira, many think it is a penny, NO, that is over a nation budget for one year which one person is pocketing and no body is afraid to try him, even the so call EFCC, l wonder why they called them self EFCC when they can not go after such person, am not against anybody making money but money you know you can not use till death come knocking on your door what are you doing with it.

This brings me to were I said have a problem with our leader, if bankole could steal such a billion without shame, why is Mark talking about kidnapping, for real I hate to see them alive for such a disaster they are creating to human race, most especially igbo people, but then if ICPC, EFCC, and our security agent could not call our legisla thiefs to order, then what authority does bankole and Mark have to talk about kidnapping, when they know that the billions they are stealing could afford them good road, electricity, good water, just to mention but few of this, but the thieves have pocket it to themselves, and no body is questioning them, so what right do they have to start talking on the kidnappers, what the kidnappers are doing is stupid, because they have never kidnapper the real people which is the people in the government who write billions out every day with their pen, without been question.

To show you how serious is the fraud going on in Nigeria is, just go through the nigeriaworld and pointblanknews every day all you will be reading and  hearing is billions stolen and trillion stolen but none is been recovered by any agent, I bet any Nigerian, if the EFCC said they have recovered a cent let them tell us whom they recover it from, it is only in Nigeria all these will be happening and no body cares.

Here in Thailand we have well over 2,500 nigerians but you can believe that Nigeria embassy does not have power to do anything not even to act, l wonder why I even remember this embassy thing now, because my head is cracking, the Nigeria ambassador in the person of UMARU AZORES SULAIMAN is getting to three years plus he became the ambassador of Nigeria to Thailand, this man have never for one day call Nigerians for a meeting or knowing who is who and what Nigerians are doing, and in less than 6 months now his term of office will finished and when you ask him, he will tell you more of Nigerian than anybody can, just like what we are saying soon they will be independence day celebration of which, what he have done is to call the consular to ask Nigeria to prepared well, were as he did not want to see them, never mind the time of disgrace have come, we shall see who is who during the time of the celebration, when any Nigeria who lost his passport have to go back to Nigeria to get a new passport, when any Nigeria, his or her passport expired have to travel back to Nigeria to get a new passport, but we have embassy here were we could extend our passport, but such have been denied to the citizen of Nigeria, what would I said because if l keeping saying till next year it will never end, the solution is if Nigeria government is tired of their citizen in Thailand, then let them close the embassy, let us know we don’t have any because when we do not have embassy we were better than when we have one which is doing nothing to help it citizen, I challenge the ambassador to tell the government of Nigeria when he ever sat down with Nigerians to know what is their problem even for 20 minutes or even introduce himself to them,  of which the purpose of his coming to Thailand is because of us living here, as am sending this write up, we have more than 32 nigerians  who travel home for renewal of passport and how much are they spending for the trip, what about the risk on the air, and the kidnapping going on there, all this is as a result of bad government, so please bankole, Mark and the rest STEAL no more and think better for NIGERIAN


Boteng Akwatua

Bangkok Thailand

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