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Date Published: 07/15/10

Governor Daniel - Enough of this Plundering By Jide Johnson

A new dimension has been introduced to the modus operandi employed by Gbenga Daniel in stealing as much money as possible from the coffer of ALL local government councils in Ogun State (20 in number). Quite frankly, this may not come as a surprise if not the sorry state of all infrastructures within the state. Every month, Bros Gbenga takes on average N20M from each of the Local council’s allocation from source. This amount to N400million per month. The LG chairmen also reciprocated and decided to take on average between N30m to N50million, depending on the allocated amount. Take for example the Chairman of Ifo Local Government, Mr. Sikirulai. He has settled for N50million out of their monthly allocation (around N150m per month for some time now). The little left behind is then allocated based on priority - Salary, settlement of other political dogs and girlfriends and lastly, financing publication of invisible achievements.
Just a little overview of the ACHIEVEMENT in IFO LGA. Drive from Berger roundabout to Akute, then to Lambe. The first segment will take you through the most horrifying road you can ever imagine. Potholes the size of volcanic crater abound on this road. It takes less than two months for my new Toyota car to develop Shock Absorber and Lower Arm problem (I mean NEW car and not Tokunbo). On average, you spend 2hours moving from Berger to Akute Junction, a distance of about 2KM.
If you then want to see the super achievement of the so call ACTION governor, try moving towards Lambe, a suburb where a lot of dynamic young people built their dream house with the hope that government will surely do the needful by providing good roads. One good feature of the road network to Lambe is the fact that you will surely move at a snail pace, zigzagging from one Belly-hole to another. You also have to wash your car everyday as the roads are mostly gullies filled with dirty water. Using a new car is suicidal as it will only take maximum of one month to start developing problems. Funny enough, these people pay huge amount as tax on monthly basis.
On other basic infrastructure like SECURITY and Electricity, they are NO-GO area. Car robbers lay siege along this route, snatching vehicles every day, knowing well that you will surely slow down as a result of the bad road. Electricity has become a MIRAGE to the people living around this area. People just do not have FAITH in government anymore.
Irrespective of the state of basic infrastructure, Gbenga is busy amassing wealth, stealing from left and right. My advice to him is to seek the forgiveness of the people and God by applying some of the stolen funds in putting these roads into usable format. Nobody is asking him to build new one. All we are saying is that existing roads should be maintained, all potholes and belly holes covered, and where there is need for tarring of road, it should be done with touch of professionalism.
He should remember one SALIENT fact - What is the point of amassing all this wealth when you do not have any idea of what will happen to it tomorrow? What gives you the conviction that you will live to see tomorrow? Of what benefit are all these ill-gotten wealth when people are suffering under you? Just remember your six feet. Whether you like it or not, also remember that no matter how RICH you are, you can never buy SLEEP, Happiness, Long life, Health, God's favor and eternity. You may ignore this little advice and continue in your unglorify stealing, OR do the needful now and mend the fence. I will surely wish you to continue so that God's pronouncement on people with this trait will surely come to pass (Psalms 55:23 and Jeremiah 22:13-17).
Jide Johnson


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