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Date Published: 07/06/10

The Portriat of a Drowning Politician By Nasiru Sani Jauro


It is an undisputed fact that, in all democracies the world – over, both elected and appointed politicians/technocrats who serve in such a government, ought to draw their legitimacy from the goodwill of the electorate. That is why the power of democratic leadership is generally termed as a representative government of the people. And so, any approach to grip political power short of this process is considered outside the ambit of the electoral law, and such action tantamount to autocracy.

       Sequel to my previous article titled ‘How Not to Represent a people’ published in some dailies in addition to its postage on the internet, I commented on the performance of some members of the Federal Executive Council and I scored most of them above average. I also did say that out of the reappointed Ministers, no fewer than 70% of them went a step further to lobby and solicit government assistance toward engendering an enhanced development of their various localities.

       The current Minister of State, Foreign Affairs Dr. Aliyu Idi Hong, being the one who represent our interest in my community, was the one I picked on. Of course it was not for any personal reasons as erroneously held in some quarters, but issue-based. Quoting copiously from that piece, I observed that “the minister being one among those favored and reappointed by this government, who ought to have used his position and move our community to the next level of development like some of his colleagues, had instead wasted his time”. He allowed himself to be overwhelmed by alleged corrupt tendencies, personal and unfounded sentiments and vendetta.

       For the records, even before coming to political limelight and to be precise in 2004, when Dr. Hong contested and lost the Local Government chairmanship election in his adopted LGA, he obtained only 17 out of the over 300,000 total votes cast in the said election. The guy characteristic of his attitude and weird ways of thinking in contrast to the generality of the people in the area, wiped Islamic sentiments on the outcome of the election. He created a dangerous scene, purposely to cancel the election and blackmail INEC Officials for alleged connivance with the people he perceive are against his candidature. This he did by instigating street urchins against those he accused as responsible for his woeful failure at the polls. Five years later, thus in 2009, using the garb of a follow-follow  minister in tandem with Prof. Jibril Aminu, subverted the will of Hong people and imposed his crony in the last LG election, without recourse to due process as spelt out in the party constitution.

       In a bid that defies rational comprehension and flies in the face of common sense, the minister and his godfather who is enmeshed in Siemens bribery scandal, currently receiving treatment in a France Hospital for stroke related ailment to avoid questions from EFCC, the Country’s anti-graft body, made our community to assume a negative toga of “theatre of the absurd”, where they bestride the stage in bewildering circumstances.

       Not minding Dr. Hong’s alleged involvement in some “itchy finger” deals in the wake of April 2010 security screening of ministerial nominees, the last may not have been heard about his similar moves. If the information making the rounds is anything to go by, the guy seems to be an individual that cannot live without scandals. Surprising, while he is yet to be given a clean bill of health on the N300m mansion he bought situated in Utako area of Abuja, where he currently resides, another scandalous allegation involving him and some people in his official capacity is currently being discussed in hush tones in the FCT. You can be rest assured that, as soon as the bits and ends of those allegations are properly unraveled, you will be kept posted accordingly. Owing to some of these ugly developments, it is becoming clearer by the day that those who initially doubted his capability as a minister to withstand financial temptation, on grounds of his fraudulent antecedents and   general incompetence, are already thumbing their chests and declaring in sanctimonious flourish “we have told you so”.

       As a result of this legion of crisis surrounding his person, Dr. Hong’s constituents are miffed that, after spending barely 3 years as a member of the Federal Cabinet in Abuja, he has not achieved anything either for Adamawa State or Hong LGA, except the primitive accumulation of personal wealth from public funds using his official capacity. Generally, even those he consider as his surrogates, accuse him at his back, for laying the foundation of economic, social and political underdevelopment in the state as a whole. One of them, who pleaded anonymity, particularly castigated the minister for sowing the seed of discord and acrimony in his community since assumption to office.

       The residents are not sparing Senator Jibril Aminu either, whom they also accuse of misleading the young man, as a political spy and mole strategically positioned to checkmate the people of his adopted community for selfish motives. In view of all these, authorities concerned are therefore appealed to, in the interest of peace and orderly development, to call these people to order. The constituents are not happy with the current trend of events, where democratic dividends are not felt and their views no longer count. I for one thought democracy is government of the majority, where by its cherished tenets of good governance, prosperity, security and transparency among other rights and privileges are strictly followed by the led. But unfortunately, in the lexicon of the follow-follow boy and the Senator, democracy is government only when it serves their narrow selfish interests.

The poor are getting poorer, since people who provide leadership have chosen to divert the peoples collective wealth to their personal use.  

Nasiru Jauro sent this piece from PMB 1069 Maiduguri                                                                             


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