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Date Published: 07/02/10

If only there was an opposition.. By Chiechefulam Ikebuiro


For the first time since 1970,elections in the UK produced no outright winner.The conservatives whose candidate was David Cameron gained the largest number of seats but fell short of the parliamentary majority needed to govern alone. The result left the labour and the conservatives looking for support of smaller parties.

Gordon Brown resigned, ending 13 years of labour rule. Then came days of political negotiations as both the conservatives and labour parties tried to win the support of the liberal democrats to form a co-alition.

As a sitting prime minister, Brown would traditionally be given the first chance to put a government together,but Clegg,the liberal democrats candidate did not agree to this. He said the party that had gained the most seats and most votes-The conservatives, should have the first right to seek to govern. Before anyone knew it, the labour party had lost out and David Cameron stood outside 10 downing street, announcing that he was ready to govern with the liberal democrats.

43 year old David Cameron became Britain’s youngest prime minister in almost 200 years.

That is what an opposition is. It needs no further explanations .Infact the merricam webster’s dictionary(11 thedition) describes opposition as a political party opposing and PREPARED to replace the party in power-which is  exactly what the opposition in the UK did.

On Thursday, Dec 7,2009,Ghanaians turned out at polling stations to elect their new president and 200 members of parliament.The main opposition according to results, defeated the ruling party. The opposition won 97 parliament seats against the ruling party’s 93.

John Attah Mills narrowly defeated Nana Akufo-Addo of the ruling party. An election that was ajudged mostly peaceful by international observers.

All over the world except in Nigeria, opposition parties have started to announce their arrival.

Bulgaria's centre right  opposition party led by Sofia Mayor Boko, Malaysia’s opposition party led by Anwar Ibrahim,have all taken over from the ruling parties in their countries.

Mr Lugo,won paraguay’s presidential election,ending more than six decades of rule by the ruling Colorado party.

Wheere is the opposition in Nigeria?Since we returned to democratic rule in 1999,the opposition has not really shown the slightest of chances for an upset.

On saturday May 10,2008,The Sun Newspapers published on page 7,a piece that  i titled” where is the opposition”? There i talked about how Raila Odinga of the opposition party in Kenya battled real hard along with his party,to wrestle power from the ruling party .A struggle that finally paid off with the sharing of power between the the ruling and the opposition party in Kenya.

I also talked about how the same thing happened in Zimbabwe despite Robert Mugabe’s intimidations.

I even suggested a co-alition between most of these opposition parties,especially the AC and the PPA.They just would not heed.You see,an opposition power should be ready to do whatever it takes and be ready wrestle power from the ruling power.That way we get good governance.Politicians in this part of the world are just too lazy.They are self centered and greedy.No politician(except for a very few)really has the intention of coming into government to serve the interest of the people.It is always about themselves and the largesse they can garner.

How for crying out loud would there be over 50 political parties in a country(with more  threatening to spring up)?PDP and the rest!

Since president Jonathan had that interview on CNN with Amanpour ,where he spoke about his presidential ambition, there has been unnecessary raising of dust.This as far as i am concerned should not be  a problem.If this was a country that has a credible opposition,who gives  a hoot what the PDP does with itself?Who would care about their zoning agreement?Who would care what they discussed since 19-God knows when?It’s their business...their family affair,not ours!Abi,when did the PDP constitution turn to Nigeria’s constitution?

This is where the opposition should have come in so we would be able to have an alternative.Right here it does not look like we have one.CNPP was dead on arrival.We all have come to the insane conclusion that PDP is the only political party in Nigeria.That whoever the PDP presents as it’s presidential candidate authomatically becomes president. Even the opposition now believe that the PDP would win in 2011.Why in the world would members of a supposedly opposition party keep themselves busy with analysing the PDP and it’s zoning palava, when they should be putting their house in order and be re-strategizing on how to take over power. “PDP must stick to it’s zoning arrangement”,”PDP reached a gentlemanly agreement in 98”,these are coming from opposition parties! Gaaaaaawd!!!!

If the opposition does not take time the PDP would rule for close to 200 years,dwarfing Chief Ogbulafor’s earlier prediction of 60 years.

There are credible persons the opposition can present in 2011 now!They can form a credible co-alition(not the CNPP kind),present say Raji Fashola as their presidential candidate and let us see if Nigerians are not anxious for a change. Not only in the polity, but in their lives.

I believe Nigerians really want a credible leader(even if such comes from the PDP).Deep down the whole of Nigeria really do not care about what zone the president comes from.

What we need is who we can trust to provide us with basic necessities of life. Electricity, good education,God health care facilities ,good roads, security et-al. Nigerians never ask for too much!

The sooner the opposition knows what it truly stands for the better(for Nigeria).

Chiechefulam Ikebuiro



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