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Date Published: 07/01/10

Reconciliation: Moral burden on Gov. Wamakko! By Yusuf DIngyadi


Governor Wamakko’s call for reconciliation with opposition parties in Sokoto state is suspicious and another plan to once again ridicule the opposition.

In an interview granted to the NTA after the Supreme Court Verdict over Sokoto gubernatorial case on Friday 4th June, Governor Wamakko confusingly expressed his long hatred on the leadership of DPP by putting blame of his poor performances in government to them.

Wamakko, who is supposed to be celebrating his Supreme Court victory of continue delay of the deliverance of judgment of the Gubernatorial Election Appeal case, accused opposition with being a reason of his poor performances and distracting his governance.

He said, the continue litigation have slow his performances by distracting him and concentrating of providing social amenities and good governance to the state as he promised after his election.

He said, it is now better for the opposition to join hands with him and bring best out of the development of the state, these to ensure the good well being of the people.

Although, he did not elaborated further, Wamakko seem to be making this statement in a confused way, as he spend entire duration of his governance castigating, victimizing and persecuting former governor Bafarawa and some of his supporters.

It was he who deliberately schemed for Bafarawa’s travails that ended to his imprisonment, along with some leaders of DPP. It is an open secret that he still nurse grudges against Bafarawa and his supporters.

His statements that oppositions have made him to lose concentration on the governance of the state are nothing but admittance of failure of three years of spending.

Bafarawa have stated in his interview with Hausa Service of the Voice of America that if Wamakko is truly in need of reconciliation he will get it for the benefit of peace and unity in Sokoto, but that DPP will never succumb to Wamakko’s demand for withdrawal of litigation before the court as a condition for the reconciliation.

There is no basis whatsoever for the withdrawal of the Court Case since Bafarawa’s government had once encountered that legal case as a result of PDP litigation from 1999-2006 but ended up victorious because of his ardent belief that our Judiciary is a pillar of Rule of Law.

Wamakko was part of the government then; he knows that such litigation by PDP did not hinder Bafarawa’s administration from delivering dividends of democracy to the populace.

Wamakko should therefore be blamed for any enmity with opposition as he never called with utmost sincerity for any truce between him and the opposition.

He allows to be blinded by sponsoring of campaign of calumny and political intimidation, persecution and molest against DPP supporters for over three years in Sokoto.

Many most senior government officials were either sacked or demoted by the Wamakko’s government as result of political victimization. Hundreds are still answering unnecessary queries send to them by Gov. Wamakko through the office of the Head of Service of the state.

Some four senior district heads were either suspended or deposed by government of Wamakko, as a result of suspicions of their closeness with Bafarawa. Others affected are 254 village heads and traditional titled holders across all the 23 local governments of the state.

These traditional rulers are not politicians but were persecuted and humiliated; later vanish from their palaces to other places in order to showcase Wamakko’s influence on the Sultanate Council.

The traditional rulers affected by the cleanse up exercise include Baraden Wamakko (maternal brother to Governor Wamakko), Sarkin Gabas of Dadin Mahe, Dikkon Gande, Galadiman Gari and Sarkin Yamman Badau. All their salaries and benefits are either stopped or reduced.

Besides all this, Wamakko’s plan to vanish some highly and recognized politicians of DPP did backfire. Its on record that he succeeded in sending Bafarawa to prison under the guise of corruption charges, after his Commission of Inquiry failed to nailed him with any corrupt practices.

In addition, he also made sure that he humiliated some of the Bafarawa’s close political allies include his over 25 years old friend Muhammadu Maigari Dingyadi.. All this combined has exposed his hidden agenda against the opposition.

Consequently, the Sakkwatawa are now deep into prayer for the continued popularity and Allah’s protection to Bafarawa and his political supporters, these are some of Wamakko’s supporters’ nightmare.

Among Bafarawa’s allies being those targeted by Wamakko include Muhammadu Maigari Dingyadi, Umarun Kwabbo, Habibu Modaci, Saddik Isah Achida, Harande Mahe, Dahiru Yusuf Yabo, Mai’akwai S/Tudu, Bello Shattima, Tukur Alkali, among others.

The fresh memory of kind persecution meted to one of Bafarawa’s political aides Late Abdullahi Bida is still in our mind, he was bundled and sends to prison after attending a wedding ceremony in Sokoto.

Still he is hounded by the Wamakko’s political jobbers in court even after his demise to be prosecuted and sentenced to unknown prison.

If Wamakko wants peace, why did he allow PDP thugs to attack designated DPP supporters? There are over tens of such recorded attacks by PDP thugs on the DPP members, with many lives lost and 30 DPP members seriously injured. Most shameful was the attack on Bafarawa and Katuka at the premises of Jumu’at Mosque when some vehicles are smashed and vandalized by the Wamakko’s thugs

Typical of politically sponsored thuggery, nothing was done and nobody has been prosecuted. Instead, those thugs lead by one influential governor Wamakko’s supporter in Sokoto, were offered lavish gifts and contracts for successfully launching attacks on Bafarawa and his supporters.

It is open that in all his three years in the saddled of leadership of the state, Governor Wamakko has not found it deem to call for a meeting with the opposition with a view to patriotically discussing issues affecting the state. Similarly, he has lost courage to ask Sultan, Shehu Shagari and other elders of the state to help him chart a solid reconciliation plan with all stakeholders to make the state move forward.

Also regrettably is his inability to call his supporters to order over their daily attacks on Bafarawa’s supporters in some local governments across the state.

In view of this precedence, Nigerians in general and Sakkwata in particular must hold with suspicion Wamakko’s call for reconciliation. Sincere reconciliation call goes beyond media publicity, not even by the sponsored news clip of the NTA.

Wamakko was never serious to bring peace in Sokoto state, because all his antecedents and politically motivated campaigns against the personality of Bafarawa and his supporters are not mean of reconciliation in near future.

True, that Bafarawa have already stated that he have no grudge against Wamakko, and will never have one with him, because Wamakko is his student as such he will never fight his student; why Wamakko not publicly declared that he have no enmity against Bafarawa or Dingyadi?.

So what Wamakko is doing now, are nothing but creation of diversion to humiliate Bafarawa’s supporters, by informing world that he ask them for peace and they rejected. He will use his classmate’s connection in the NTA to oppress Bafarawa and DPP supporters in Sokoto by hacking lies to the world.

No wonder that NTA Sokoto have systematically banned airing of news aligned positively to Bafarawa and DPP. Openly some of the staff of the Sokoto zonal office of the NTA has boasted that nobody will force them use DPP programme for airing in their station, they claims that it is order from above.

How can reconciliation comes about when the political thuggery continues to be the order of the day in Sokoto? Where do we even start when his administration is daily compiling charges against its opposition? Did he think DPP members are desperate to enter into a hoax plan by giving us peace with one hand and sending us to prison with other?

Can Wamakko tell Nigerians why he never visited or dared to express courtesy to any of the leaders of DPP in Sokoto? If he sincerely wants Sokoto to reclaim its past glory as the most peaceful state in the country, Wamakko knows how to do it.

Opposition in time immemorial is cautioning Wamakko’s government over decay of certain infrastructures in the state and so many issues with clear mind of correction not intentional of bringing political crisis in the state.

The economic and social service of the state has been devastated by the way and manners Wamakko government is running affairs of the state from so many angles and opposition have already taken task of doing something peacefully to rescue the state.

Social service to the people like education, health, infrastructural development, women development, youth development and many are ignored by the government, while millions of naira are used on the unnecessary political jamboree by the government.

Finally, why has Wamakko had to wait until over three years before calling for reconciliation? Many Nigerian does not know but Wamakko and Bafarawa’s allies do. POLITIC IS WAR WITHOUT BLOODSHED. Haba!

Dingyadi, writes from no 88 EMIR YAHAYA road, Sokoto. (0803-5877331)


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