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Date Published: 06/29/10

Sultan of Sokoto is Neutral By Mohammed S. Umar


          We have maintained severally that our mission is sustenance of cherished values of Sokoto people in a manner that guarantees congenial atmosphere for rapid development of the State for the benefit of all.  This responsibility thrusts on us the task of strengthening polemical issues to better comprehension of the unwary and casual readers lest some hasty conclusion pollutes the minds of patriots who may not have the facts.

          Electronic communication (ICT) now rules` the world, but it has become avenue of puerile literary exercise as indulged in by one Kaltume Jauro Arkilla who posted nasty article that denigrated the person and office of the Sultan of Sokoto.  The whole piece contained lies unimaginable to emanate from a scion of Sokoto descent against a revered institution being held in awe by every muslim and non-muslim in Africa .  It is very unfortunate that literary miscreants have now emerged from the street urchins who have occupied Governor Wamakko’s attention to rehabilitate through vocational programmes.  It is worrisome that irresponsible writings find their way to Internet to circulate crass lies deliberately to rubbish select institutions and personalities.  This is misuse of opportunities created by the electronic communication which main purpose is constructive means of education and communication.

          The Sultan of Sokoto has remained father of all and custodian of Islamic values in West Africa, especially Nigeria .  The Sultanate is therefore insulated from partisan politics.  A few months ago the Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Muhammadu Sa’ad Abubakar warned traditional rulers in his domain to steer clear of partisan politics.  So it is bizarre to insinuate that the same Sultan would turn round to embrace the cause of a political party.  At the time the Sultan was in Abuja the judges of the Supreme Court who delivered judgement on the Sokoto governorship case had written up their judgement.  If the Sultan was conveyed back to Sokoto in a presidential plane common sense could have informed Kaltume that he was in Abuja at the invitation of the President of the Federal Republic for State matters.  There is nothing unusual that the Sultan was received on arrival by his subjects in Sokoto.  Those subjects that received him were of different political parties contrary to the assertion of Kaltume.  Perhaps, Kaltume might have questioned the use of the usual escorts by His Eminence as political patronage.

          There is no iota of truth that anybody had inkling of the Supreme Court decision on the governorship court case.  It is a figment of imagination of the writer that there was any thing like Sultan-assured victory.  Indeed, the secrecy of the Supreme Court verdict confounded opposition members that had in every occasion boasted of the invincibility of their chieftains to penetrate every corridor of power with their wealth to influence outcome of the series of cases they embarked on. 

          These cases were being instituted in deliberate manner of desperation to destabilize Sokoto polity with the sole aim to oust Governor Wamakko by all means.  The Supreme Court ruled their desperation as confusion, anarchy and abuse of judicial process.  It was not the Sultan that said so but the learned judges.  If the ilk of Kaltume followed our writings we had argued resonantly on the unnecessary heating of Sokoto polity through seeming anarchical court cases, and the use of street urchins to destabilize Sokoto State .  In fact, opposition through the creation of uncertainties in Sokoto politics almost succeeded in diverting the attention for good governance to endless shuttle to attend one court case or the other.  But Governor Wamakko despite the economic meltdown remained resolute in the fulfillment of his electioneering campaign promises to the people of Sokoto State in the provision of basic infrastructure: potable water, rural electricity, health care delivery services, quantitative and qualitative education, shelter, roads, youth empowerment, transportation, social welfare to under-privileged etc.

          As Governor Wamakko stated after the Supreme Court verdict everybody in Sokoto should rally round to build the state that shall be the pride of posterity.  So whoever indulges in divisive antics is an enemy of the people.  Dr Kwame Nkrumah once said “the forces that unite us are intrinsic and greater than the superimposed influences that keep us apart”.  Sokoto people are united in the forces of scholarship and excellent administrative values which seek to promote peace, love, unity and development of our overall interests.  These cannot be subordinated to partisan zealotry and vain glory of a few desperate to hold on to power merely for personal aggrandizement.



                             Mohammed S. Umar is the President

                             Sokoto Liberal Democrats Media Foundation (SOLID)



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