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Date Published: 06/28/10

There is Everyting Wrong with Nigeria By Ndiameeh Babrik


My special appeal to the National Assembly is to please not to appropriate or approve the 10 billion Naira requested by President Jonathan for the 50th independence anniversary celebration.

At 50 years Nigeria is akin to a baby born with  Down's syndrome. In the case of Nigeria, it clinical manifestation are the many kleptomaniac military rulers it had since 1966 up to and including 2009. That resulted in stealing 300 billion US  dollars from the Nigerian coffers between 1979 to 2009. Please see 'World Bank Report on Corruption in Africa.'

There is no justification whatsoever for celebrating 50 years of failure. Nigeria is not a nation in the true sense of it. What is needed on the 1st of October 2010 is the convening of the 'Sovereign National Conference' to determine our type of federalism. What is Nigeria celebrating at 50 for? Is it the agitation for rotational presidency? A united country wouldn't be thinking it is the turn of the North, the South or the Middle-belt. Instead of the North plotting against the |South and vice-versa let all the six geopolitical zones sit at a round table and re-draw Nigeria into a true federating unit.

Rotational presidency or zoning cannot solve this problem at all.

As to celebrating 50 years of self rule, there is simply nothing to celebrate. Nigeria is worst off now that 50 years. Even those of us born after the independence day had better days in the 1970 and early 1980s. Please read my article remembering the good old days on the Daily Trust website.

What is there to celebrate? Is it the collapse of the Railways? Is the death of Nigeria Airways? Is it the collapse of NITEL? Is it the death traps called Nigerian roads? Is it the looting of the national treasury as is exemplified by the Nine billion Naira contract scandal rocking the House of Reps?.

Or is it the many ethno-religious crises that have rocked and bedevilled Nigeria since the 1980s.

Is the government celebrating the complete decay and failure of the Nigerian infrastructure? All the hospitals are still mere consulting clinics. All the looters ferry themselves and their families to America, Europe, Egypt, South Africa and Saudi Arabia. But they still die there anyway ha-ha.  That 10 billion Naira should be used to modernize National Hospital Abuja and may be LUTH Lagos.

Is Nigeria celebrating the total collapse of her educational system?

Ghana had cause to celebrate 50 years of self rule. Immediately Jerry Rawlings wiped out the corrupts former military rulers, seven of them in total, Ghana gained its lost glory.


In Nigeria the reverse is the case, those who looted Nigeria in the past are more powerful than ever before and now become regional and tribal champions.

Is it not an irony of fate that persons who were Head of State and Government in Nigeria have become regional and tribal warlords. There is no need to celebrate Nigeria at 50. Let us have the national conference.

Please do not waste that 10 billion Naira to celebrate failure. National conference is the answer and the appropriate way forward.


Ndiameeh Babrik.


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