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Date Published: 06/23/10

Super Eagles and 2010 World Cup By Ralph Esene


....and the light went off on the Eagles in SOUTH AFRICAN 2010.The crash of the Eagles at the 2010 world cup is no surprise to me.I had before the start of the mundial envisaged that African teams would struggle at the world cup.The signs were so obvious that Nigeria would struggle in South Africa.Have we forgetten how the Eagles struggled to qualify for SA 2010? Do we need remainding ourselves what happened at the last nations cup in Angola? Questions,questions,questions........

I keep saying it,when you put the running of the FA in the hands of politicians,you do not expect to run forward but backwards.The fact that somebody supported somebody to get into a political office,that somebody is party member/faithful,is not enough reason for that person(S) to go run the FA.Who are those managing the affairs of Nigerian football? What footballing clout do they have? Do the Nigerian FA have a scouting department? Who and who are in the technical department of the FA? Ogunjobi(Taiwo) and co.A country with football intellectuals like Keshi,John Fashanu,Mikel Obiku(a uafa grade A coaching cert holder.) Why is Nigerian not making use of the footballing knowledge of these guys and a host of others not mentioned here?

Do we need the likes of Lulu(Sunny,) Uchegbulam,Bolaji Ojo-oba,and their likes to be managing football in this football crazy country when we have the likes of Mumuni Alao,Mike Mayaki,Paul(SPORT) Bassey,Uche Okafor,Austine Okocha,John Fashanu.......who are all ready to serve,and serve well.I can not just place it.It is less than normal.From a very proud footballing height in the 90s,just imaging the great crash.

Having said that much,I must say the present Eagles are to some extent a part of the problem..You do not get to see that pride of putting on THE GREEN and going out and doing the business for millions of football loving Eagles fans all over the world in this Eagles,unlike what obtained in the 90 set of Eagles.I had the opportunity of following and watching the 90s set from close range as a fan..They were always having problems,no doubt,you do not get to notice when they take to the pitch.After the gold winning feat of Atlanta 96,everybody including the press were all out that the Yekini's,Okechukwu's etc should quit the national.The same thing happened after the failed attempt at Mali 2002,where the likes of Finidi,Oliseh...were thrown out of the team just like that.During preparations for the 94 mundial Westerhoff knew he was not going to take playres like Ojigwe,kanu,Taribo West ect to the world cup,but they were all part of the team,training and playing friendly matches with the big boys..Tijani Babangida was in US 94 not as an official registered member of the team,but Weasterhoff took him to US so he could be easy for him to come into the team after the world cup.That is a good way to plan for the furture.

There is still hope for better days,let us start by chasing people who have nothing to offer Nigerian football out of the glass house,disband this Eagles,and start rebuilding with the likes of Mikel,Anichiebe,Enyeama,Apam,Adeleye,Emmanuel Ekpo etc,


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