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Date Published: 06/04/10

Where is Jesus? By Victoria Baiye


In John chapter 9 we are told the story of how Jesus gave sight to a man who was born blind. You would expect this man to see Jesus as his hero and never want to let Him out of his sight for even a second. You would think that he would earnestly desire to be with Jesus just like the madman of Gadara whom Jesus delivered (Mark 5:18). You would expect him to follow Jesus the same way that the lame man who received healing at the Beautiful gate followed into the temple Peter and John, the people through whom the Lord ministered healing to him (Acts 3:8). You would also expect him to cling to Jesus like the same lame man was clinging to Peter and John (Acts 3:11). But this man did not do any of these. Instead John 9:12 says that when he was asked where Jesus was, he said, “I know not.” Many of us would wonder how a man could not tell the whereabouts of the one who gave him sight after many years of blindness and darkness. Did he really appreciate the magnitude of what Jesus did for him? He must be an ingrate… The sad truth is, however, that many believers today are worse than that blind man. Jesus redeemed us with His blood and gave us His Spirit to help us in our Christian race. He is interceding for us in heaven, providing for our needs here on earth, etc. Today, Jesus does far more for us than what John 9 tells us that He did for that blind man. But how many Christians are actually clinging to Him? How many earnestly desire to be with Him? How many can honestly say that Jesus is properly positioned in their lives?

Now, if you ask many Christians today where Jesus is they will quickly tell you the same thing that many of us have heard little children sing in a song – inside my heart. They may even go on to tell you how much they love Him, how sweet He is, etc. Yes, you may say that Jesus is in your heart because you are born again, you go to church regularly, read your Bible and pray every day, serve God (and may even be a church-ordained pastor), etc. But where is Jesus vis-à-vis where He is really supposed to be in your life? Is He occupying His rightful place of preeminence? Where do you put Jesus when you have to decide if and how you should respond to someone who has just insulted you or told a lie against you? Where is Jesus when you have to choose between your current job and one that is offering you far more than you are earning? Where is Jesus when you have to make decisions regarding whom to marry, where to live, where to serve, how to relate to people who love you and those who hate you, etc.? Where is Jesus when you are planning how to spend each new day that He has graciously given to you? Many Christians are enjoying the blessings of God but when it comes to how they live their lives, Jesus is nowhere to be found; His opinion is not sought. Instead, the flesh, the world, and even the devil are consciously or unconsciously allowed to make decisions.

One of the reasons why many Christians enjoy God’s goodness but still do not give Him the preeminence He deserves is that they either do not know or do not bear in mind that God’s goodness is supposed to lead us to repentance (Romans 2:4). And part of what we are expected to repent and turn away from is the fleshly desire to do things our own way. God’s goodness should provoke us to seek a deeper fellowship with Him. And it is in the course of this fellowship that we find out how we can really put Him where He belongs.

Another thing is that many love God just because of the blessings that He gives out and no more. As far as such believers are concerned God is there to provide for them, heal them when they get sick, protect them when they travel, prosper everything they lay their hands on, ensure that their children become successful, etc. They do not really love God for who He is, and so making conscious efforts to stay with Him does not really cross their mind.

Some people lose sight of Jesus because they are in the same category as Martha to whom Jesus said in Luke 10: 41-42, “… Martha, Martha, thou art careful and troubled about many things: But one thing is needful: and Mary hath chosen that good part, which shall not be taken away from her.” Some may even be so busy doing the work of God and getting involved in church activities that they leave Jesus behind and keep running around without Him.  People like that seem to forget that what the Lord wants before anything else is an intimate relationship/fellowship with us.

There are also many people who are enjoying God’s blessings but do not care to give their lives to Jesus and start a relationship with Him. Some of these people do not believe that a God who is so good will ever think of sending anyone to hell. But then Hebrews 12:29 calls our God a consuming fire while Hebrews 10:31 says that it is a fearful thing to fall into His hands. We need to keep interceding for such people.

Are you born again and enjoying the blessings of God but cannot point to “where Jesus is” in your daily life? Please let there be a change.


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