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Date Published: 05/20/10

The PDP so-called Zoning Arrangement of the Presidency and its Lethal Effect on the rest of Us. By Ndiameeh Babrik


It is unbelievable that some Nigerians are actually clinching to the PDP so called controversial zoning arrangement. Apart from the fact it is undemocratic, archaic, primitive and ungentle manly, it is totally against natural justice, equity and good conscience. Listening to Vincent Ogbulafor the other day, he insisted that the president must come from Muslim north to complete the eight years of their turn. By implication, half of the population of Nigeria will be totally excluded from vying for the presidency which is the highest office in the land. I came to the above conclusion based on the fact that if the president is from the Muslim North, then the vice will be a Christian southerner and if the president is a Christian southerner then the vice will be a Muslim Northerner as is seen in the agitation following the death of Umaru Yar’ adua the elsewhere president. Religion has come to the fore now in the Nigerian body polity as a result of the divide and rule policies and politics of the evil general military misrule.

The PDP zoning has adverse implication on about half of the population of Nigeria as all the southern Muslims and Northern Christians are barred technically from the post of the president if the PDP, the party of the deceptive people will rule Nigeria for 60 years as per the words of the former chairman.

Luckily enough for Nigerians, it is only those selfish people with collective amnesia that are insisting on the ungentle manly, unconstitutional and uncivilised PDP zoning arrangement. In fact it was observed more in breach than in observation. If we look at the 2003 PDP presidential primaries for example, there were candidates from the north as well as the south. Candidates like Abubukar Rimi, Umaru Shinkafi, Aliyu Gusau and even Atiku Abubukar contested against southern candidates like Olusegun Obasanjo, Tom Ikimi, and Rochas Okorocha amongst many others.

The 2007 PDP primaries are still fresh in our minds as the array of contestants from both the south and the north as follows.

Southern Candidates.

Rochas Anayo Okorocha

Cmdre Ubitu Ukiwe

Peter Odili

Donald Duke

Victor Attah

Don Etebet.


Northern Candidates.

Umaru Yar’adua

Jerry Gana

Mamman Kontagora

Buba Marwa

Aliyu Gusau.

It is pertinent to note here that, Rochas Okorocha got the second highest votes in the 2007 PDP presidential primaries.

Looking at the above list in the 2007 PDP presidential primaries and also the 2003 PDP presidential primaries, I am still wondering and asking myself where the proponent of the zoning arrangement where when the above scenarios were happening in 2003 and 2007?

Now that God in his infinite love for Nigeria has for once given us a listening president and a prospective PDP candidate in the 2011 presidential elections, suddenly the enemies of Nigeria who underdeveloped Nigeria and still believe in the underdevelopment of Nigeria have just realised that PDP has zoned the presidency to the north.

The PDP people must look at their 2003 and 2007 PDP presidential primaries first to check whether the so called zoning formula or arrangement was adhered to or not. Let them go into their records and tell Nigerians. We cannot be fooled by a new cabal.

The fact still remains that the PDP zoning arrangement is not even in their constitution.

I have said it before and I will say it now, Dr Goodluck Jonathan is the rightful candidate and is the candidate to beat in 2011.

Notwithstanding the above scenarios, what we desire in the 2011 elections in Nigeria is for our votes to count and be counted. We want to vote out the corrupt PDP out of power for good.

A party whereby the chairman is charged for corruption and its former vice-chairman in the south-west chief Bode George is in jail because of stealing public fund should not be in power at all.

A party whereby most of those who have shown interest in flying its flag in the 2011 election are those who have been indicted in the past by various judicial commissions of enquiry for stealing public money should be voted out of power.

Nigerians need young, dynamic and focused leaders in 2011. Not corrupt, old and thieving retired generals of fortune.

For now and hence forth, the so called zoning arrangement which is even denied by Dr Ahmadu Ali the former PDP chairman and Olusegun Obasanjo the former president and the chairman PDP Board of Trustees does not hold water.

More so legally, any agreement that infringes on the fundamental human rights of citizens is null and void abinitio. That is the case with the so called PDP zoning arrangement which was observed more in breach 2003 and 2007 PDP presidential primaries than in observance.

Any Nigerian or all Nigerians without blemish have the right to context for any office in the land in 2011 whichever part of Nigeria he or she is from.

The PDP zoning arrangement like it counter part, the quota system and even federal character promotes mediocrity, parochialism, ethnicity and religious bigotry as was seen in the disbanded Federal Executive Council. Where virtually all the so called key ministers are from the zone and Nigeria and its economy suffered for it.

Let Nigerians be honest with themselves and see the different Jonathan has made in Fuel improvement in the last three months.

We need an egalitarian Nigeria where all citizens have the right and conducive atmosphere to actualise their dreams and aspire.

Down with PDP ungentle manly arrangement, UP UP constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Nigeria belongs to us all.

Ndiameeh Babrik.


May 11, 2011



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