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Date Published: 05/18/10



The exit of President Yar’Adua from the political environment of Nigeria on the 5 th of May 2010 has been a very painful one, not just to me but to most sincere Nigerians.

As a concerned citizen, I did a well published article entitled “YAR’ADUAs DEATH: WHO’S NEXT, WHAT NEXT? Nonetheless, his exit has paved the way for his then Vice President, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to step into his presidential shoes.

The question now is, Did Yar’Aduas exit bring Goodluck to Nigeria? In trying to respond to this question, I will look at it in so many dimensional view points.

His presidency though focused was bedeviled with Mr. President falling sick all the time and was always rushed to Aso Rock clinic or to foreign hospitals in search of solution to his debilitating illness. The ripple effect of this “illness distraction” was that a greedy and selfish cabal usurped power to the detriment of genuine economic and political development of Nigeria. The cabal behaved as if there would be no tomorrow. Before our very eyes in this country, this cabal subdivided themselves into segments so as to be able to see to the devaluation and desecration of leadership in Nigeria. The following variable examples  proves this writer right.

(1)    The former first Lady (Turai) behaved as if the country belonged to her. She concerned herself with giving orders to state governors and serving ministers, thereby going against the constitution of the country.

(2)    Some serving ministers (then) openly disobeyed and even abused the then Vice President (Dr. Jonathan). For instance the then Attorney General and minister for Justice (Mr. Michael Aandooaka) openly disregarded the Office of the Vice President. Also the former petroleum minister Alhaji Rilwanu Lukman disobeyed vice presidential orders not to travel out of the country.

(3)    Some state Governors became ruthless “tin-gods” in their respective states. The governor of Bayelsa Mr. Tempre Silvia personally abused and assaulted a journalist in his state. The governor of Imo State Mr. Ikedi Ohakim became so insane that he insulted the office of the governor by (a) Sleeping with girls in his office (b) He personally beat up a citizen of his state (at gun point) in his office, after having him abducted from his house at Ikenegbu Layout Owerri.

(4)    Refusal of EFCC and ICPC to do their work effectively and efficiently because of their interest to protect corrupt government officials.

(5)    The ruling party  PDP under its former leadership led by Prince Vincent Ogbulafor became Power hungry to the extent that leaders of the party were unnecessarily “suspended” over minor squabbles. Today, Vincent Ogbulafor has confessed that Governor Ikedi Ohakim of Imo state deceived and led him into taking some undemocratic decisions.

(6)    And so on and so forth.

Again, looking at whether the exit of Yar’Adua actually brought goodluck to Nigeria, we have to look in the direction of the oil sector. It is a notorious fact that during Yar’Adua’s Presidency, PMS (Premium motor spirit) otherwise called petrol was sold at N80 per litre on the average. But since his exit, the price of petrol per litre has fallen to N65per litre. There is now uniform price of Petroleum products across the country. This sudden exposure shows that a cabal used the ill-health of the President to manipulate and exploit the oil sector thereby prolonging the sufferings of motorists in this country. This manipulation singularly affected every other thing in this country to the disadvantage of the suffering masses.

The exit of Yar’Adua has brought Goodluck to Nigeria in that state governors who were in the habit of traveling abroad to stash away our funds are today in their respective states while others are holed up in Abuja. E.g. Governor Ikedi Ohakim who was in the habit of running from one country to another doing money laundering is now facing realities. For the first time, he has stayed in Nigeria for three weeks without sneaking out of the country, though he stays in Abuja instead of his state, Imo.

Also state Governors wives, who were in the habit of using Yar’Adua Presidency to do local 419 in their respective states will now have to think twice before they embark on exploitation of citizens again. PROOF:- Mrs. Chioma Ohakim, the wife of Imo State governor invited president Yar’Adua’s wife (TURAI) to Imo State last year to help her fleece Imo Citizens of hundreds of millions of naira during the launch of a 419 project called “EWAYI”. The funds raised for that project has developed wings because the so called “EWAYI” project has since died a natural death.

President Goodluck Jonathan who before his present position was generally seen as a very “docile and gullible” man has proved that he has a thick “LIVER” by declaring war on corruption to the extent that the former governor of Delta state, Mr. James Ibori is now a wanted man. He is wanted for corrupt practices. This was not possible during Yar’Adua’s presidency. This fight on corruption should look in the direction of Ikedi Ohakim.

Honestly the exit of Yar’Adua brought goodluck to Nigeria. Today Goodluck is the President. This goodluck has equally extended to Governor NAMADI SAMBO of Kaduna state because President Goodluck has nominated him to be his Vice President. This same goodluck extends to Deputy Governor Patrick Yakowa who now succeeds SAMBO as governor. Mr. Patrick Yakowa will now be the first Christian governor of Kaduna state. This is also goodluck to the Christian Community in Kaduna state.

As the Christian Community in Kaduna state celebrates this goodluck, one hopes that this goodluck will extend to other parts of Nigeria through the implementation of people oriented policies.

At this point, let me point out that the former Chairman of PDP Prince Vincent Ogbulafor lost his own GOODLUCK because he did not have PATIENCE.

To conclude, the exit of Yar’Adua has indeed brought GOODLUCK to Nigeria. Therefore Nigerians should have PATIENCE with GOODLUCK so that we all can have a purposeful leadership that is anchored on   GOODLUCK.


Ikenna Samuelson Iwuoha

Facilitator – SLAP Intiative


Plot 98 Ikenegbu Layout Extension

Owerri – Imo State, Nigeria

18 th May 2010

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