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Date Published: 05/18/10


(“When it rains even the rodents share a cage with the cockerels”)


Sarki Umaru (1410-1421), a Malam earnest in prayer, called all the Kanawa (the people, the notables of Kano) and said to them: “This high estate is a trap for the erring. I wash my hands of it”. And he resigned and went away with his friend Abubakar. A good example of a sublime, selfless leader, the first and the last to infinity in Kano history.

The high estate, a trap for the erring, is now an enviable suzerainty and a new found grace for the profane men, pests of the society diseased mind, axis of the weasels, squits, scoundrel, minion and corrupt sort of leaders. Such leaders could not understand that cursed be their parents who farrowed prodigal, sadist, malefactor, corrupt, misanthrope and murderer species entangled in soliciting the high estate in a life and death claptrap. This high estate, a trap for the erring, has been turned into a sought-after, dimpled, beautiful, and virgin teenager always being pursued by even the frivolous and the drugs on the market politicians who are of little or no faith at all. 

Among the many contenders for the state exalted chair there are two who had tasted it once and now are hell bent to stage a comeback; viz: The apolitical rubberneck, who does not care to have blood on his hand, wants the chair for prey and to play it god. He is one of many who felt that Abubakar Rimi’s vacuum will give him elbowroom to maneuver in his inordinate political ambition. While the other contender with all his thrice despoiled name/habit: i- His infra-dig posture of always condescending too low to borrow from even his beneath and thereafter resort to be a bad and insolvent debtor. ii- Adept at deceit, he is a celebrated deceit and delighted in the game just like a road side juggler/gladiator, thus he is cunning and never straight in all his affairs. Iii- Squandering and prodigal manager-His compulsive drive to eat up the future today and the next day he fumbles for workers salary is an old habit which dies hard. May be thus why the incumbent governor begrudges that contender to succeed him because to allow him such a mandate will be synonymous with handing over the keys to meat factory to the wolf.

Also among the contenders, there is one who inherited a big stolen fortune. His sage was the least accessible head of state ever had in Nigeria, whose death and that of the other controversial politician were considered convenient death in the country for peace to prevail.

In Kano the game of politics is now a one man’s monopoly where a former or incumbent thinks he can always force his way to lord it on the people forgetting  that his sins are in legion: He disobliges other contenders. He allows the sycophants to tickle his vanity by praise- singing him as a Martian, a Saint, and a Nehemiah. Primary schools teachers are left scattered in his wake. He does not know that he is a disappointment to the real Kanawa for swearing and lying  under an oath.

Love and cough cannot be hidden. All mankind loves a lover-so Shekarau loves his lover-Takai. So to glorify his lover Shekarau begrudges all the suitable aspiring contenders if any to succeed him. And his insistence on his lover-Takai opens our eyes to something/some ills we have not even thought of before, and that whatever is done in the dark must be brought to the open. I regretted helping this Shekarau’s lover- Takai when about three years ago an Okada rider caused Takai’s car to tumble three times at high speed on the eastern by - pass at Wuro Bogga Village. I did not know that he was bad to the bone, I would have allowed his confetti of one thousand naira denominations which showered all over the place be carted away.

The remaining contenders have not gotten my notice, so I will not talk of them especially the midget, miniature, misanthrope, opportunist and penurious Farouk Mohammad Lawan, a man whose whims and caprices are more important than being generous, integral and man of the people. He never returns kindness with kindness but with cold smugness. Smallish does not mean unrecognizable but smallness is disability in leadership because no dwarf is a hero to a lady.         

There are numerous contenders for the state exalted chair but mostly are jokers and opportunists seeking notice and attention to negotiate for some positions with whoever was successful in the 2010 election. Jokers like Sani Lawan Kofar Mata, a cleric whose followers are leaving; Ibrahim Khalil and the pariah Deputy Governor who is suffering a snap on the face from his impostor master and other two frivolous contenders who have sinecure money to squander have also dotted the scene.

Kano, Nigeria and the whole Africa are badly governed by the past; present, and will be with future crop of politicians. May be Africa will not be happy forever by its leadership which always caves in to sadism, depravation and kleptomania. 

Next edition will be: Kano Politics: Raison d’tre for my critique on the big for nothing politicians.


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