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Date Published: 05/15/10

Kano Politics: Of Magaji Idris and his Barbarian Pen BySadiq Dutse 


Every human being has the potential of seeing what he wishes to see and writing what he wishes to write. Having read one Magaji Idris's Barbarian politics, one would certainly draw the inference that either the writer does not in any way understand what he wants to do or he is merely a sadist that believes only in dark side of life. This perhaps should be responsible for its wishy-washy junk piece that he presents, which one can hardly award any pass mark.  

In all sincerity of purpose, Magaji Idris has right to say his mind, even as barbaric as the one he presented in his jaundice piece about Kano politics. In his style of fictional presentation, Magaji Idris was seriously betrayed by his barbaric pen, and for want of no evidence, he jungles issues and behaves like animist and savage that requires deliverance and tutorials on morality and manner of public presentation.  In his barbaric and riff-raff way of reasoning, he descends on people and government of Kano because in his narrow but shallow mind, they are not from Kano and therefore, whatever the good recorded by the state administration should be relegated to the background.  

Magaji Idris further displays his tribal despotism and idiosyncrasies by casting aspersion on the governor of Jigawa State in person of Alhaji Sule Lamido and a member of House of Representative, representing Dogowa constituency of Kano State, Hon. Farouk M Lawan, and wishes God to strike them. Why should a mortal wish another mortal bad no matter what is his pain? What have they done that should attract such uncultured remarks from Magaji Idris other than hatred, black-stomach and animosity? Sadist like Magaji Idris should simply commit suicide by jumping into the runway of a moving train so that the good people of Kano would continue to enjoy the good work of Mullatos, the Bornoans, Bendelites and many more that the type of Magaji Idris hates to see in the administration of Shekarau.  

If Magaji Idris has manner, he should be bold to disclose to his readers the little biographies of the past governors of Kano State and their cabinet composition, he would be highly disappointed to find out that it is not only 'Bornoans, Mullatos and Bendelites' that have constituted the leadership of such administrations but we also have the Malians, the Nigeriens, the Yorubawas and the Kanuris, which are the fore fathers of Magaji Idris. He, Magaji, should ask more details from the Director- General of Research and Documentation in person of Alhaji Ado Kurawa. Magaji Idris would on enquiry certainly hate himself when he discovers that he, Magaji Idris is never the son of the soil. This is why he writes like Barbarians, Motley Picaroons, noble savages and educated illiterates.  

Magaji Idris should not pretend as Kanawa because no true Kanawa is known to be of high temperament and sentimental about people. It is only a glorified stranger as Magaji Idris, alias Barbarian that always finds himself in tribal despotism. Consequently, Magaji Idris might not be a Bornoan but he is certainly enjoying the fruit of good leadership of Bornoans such as good roads, water, free medical treatment, sound security, etc.  

In spite of the negative but sadistic reasoning created by Magaji Idris on Kano politics, he knows very well that it is only this time that the teachers and pensioners in the state hive sighs of relieve unlike in the past when they were treated as slaves, and some the pensioners have suffered and died of such negligence in the past.  

At least, the trovan victims should be happy today that a caring Bornoan government is handling their issue of compensation as against neglect and suffering they have undergone in the hands of past governments. Is Magaji Idris aware that the tragedy of the trovan victims happened as far back as in 1996 and no government had cared to address the issue until the Shekarau government came and tried to look into the issue? 

As I said, Magaji Idris, real or fake, has right to stupidly call leaders names but he has no right to distort history and fact just to satisfy his whims and caprices. Unlike the desperate, gargantuan ape and sadist like Magaji Idris, the good people of Kano State are not in hurry to see the exit of Shekarau administration because of her enormous progress of achievements. After all, we know who is going but we cannot tell of who is coming. Therefore, Magaji Idris should know that a bird at hand, they say, is worth two in the bush. He and his nimbus, including his archaic way of reasoning should be quashed into the dustbin of history.  

Finally, we know Magaji Idris and what he represents. He is a savage of tribalism and nepotism. We shall know him less whenever we come across his uninformed but rotten garbage.  

Sadiq Dutse wrote from Abuja. sadiqdutse@yahoo.com


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