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Date Published: 05/13/10

Akpbaio: Re-Defining hopes of Akwa-Ibom People By Udom


If not now ….. When?!!!             

As Akpabio Continues to lead Akwa State to the promise land of abundance and fulfillment as the anointed governor of the State, the world, Nigeria history and human focus has continuously been in Akwa-Ibom State.

Governor Akpabio now in possession of the promise land has risen the hopes of the people and redefines the hope of the present and future generations.

Many have silently watch and observed the scanarious in the State, few folding their arms, others out rightly ignoring, few talking tough and majority projecting their support, hopes, desires and strong will to support the young fulfiller of promise who is clothed in the raiment of hope, beaming smile and inspirational massage of hope to Akwa-Ibomites not to fall by the roadside but continue in the journey and keep the dreams of our fore fathers alive. Many hopes and life have been rekindled at home and outside the State as we have entered the promise land. Truly the people of Akwa-Ibom are standing taller with confidence that having Akpabio in hilltop mansion will matter in their daily lives and long term future.

Nigerians and in particular Akwa-Ibomites can see their own face in that of their present governor.

It is as simple as the swell of pride that a father and mother exhibit when their son or daughter exceeds anything that either could have conceived. It is the distant hope of an uncle who has treated his nephew kindly and sees that nephew now flush and powerful. Many have confirmed that Akpabio’s governments have increased Akwa-Ibom precious resources of hope. His Excellency himself has countless times inspired the youths that his life is a practical demonstration of the fact that no person in any where from the State should not dare to dream of wanting to change Akwa-Ibom and indeed Nigeria for better. Akpabio’s life is that of God’s hand, coupled with focus, will power and intellectual resource. His very life must on some level remind the Akwa-Ibomites that we are descendants of Kings and Queens, not descendants of domestic slaves. The youths of Akwa-Ibom and Nigeria should mind their precious metal of hope!

The generation of leaders should wake up and snatch their future from illiteracy, ignorance, diminished expectation and caste of hopeless sadist, ethnic propaganist and mud sliding waspish thinking critics.

Akwa-Ibomites are no longer stooge in Nigeria. The barriers to our future have forcefully been crushed. The real impact of governor Akpabio upon Akwa-Ibom may have been fore shadowed in the frenzied endorsement that the governor has from all tribes of the State.

A critical reality is that the way has been shown through compulsory education and the shackles of poverty destroyed forever through life enhancement policies. The idealist governor has assured Akwa-Ibomites that the brightness of our common future can exceed our flawed past.

Governor Akpabio’s mastery of the Akwa-Ibom culture, its diversity, natural resources and human capital endowment has reminded the Akwa-Ibomites of our common roots and common capacities. Akpabio’s conquer in all areas of life is powerful evidence that we are all descendants of people who survived the horrendous middle passage. Our very existence is evidence of God’s hand at work in God’s State. Using his prestigious office to the advancement of Akwa-Ibom cause fills us with additional pride and emotion as a way out of our being marginalized.

This signifies that greater things are in for Akwa-Ibomites. Akwa-Ibom State is now a State to dream about and for us Akwa-Ibomites, it is even easier to do so now. With our historical background of our breathless potentials and our unrequited love for liberty Akwa-Ibom people have become the most changed and positioned for success.

Governor Akpabio and his team had decided that we would no longer be captive to the country’s ethnic birth defect. They have built with the bricks and mortar of the prior generation of positive youth/elders advancement in all ramification of human life. The administration has offered solutions which concerns the large societal challenges. They have armed the masses with the idealism of our larger and common potential while diminishing our differences and divisions.

 The two three year’s stint leadership approach is not limited to the political field. Consider the gains in the arena of Akwa-Ibom economic entrepreneurs, social engineers, foundational and evolving impacts of churches which is clear that this change in leadership approach is deep and wide. They have made a paradigm shift in handling of Akwa-Ibom’s toxic issue of mental slavery, domestic and national servitude, human trafficking, child abused and child labour. Governor Akpabio is the cutting edge of a new generation of Akwa-Ibom leadership. So many good names have been referred to him, but I call him a revolutionary democrat. He has also been referred to as the “Joshua of our time” by the Methodist Church. Yes truly Akpabio belongs to the Joshua generation of our time who has inspired many youths among them is the very recent I inspired youths for Akpabio’s Advancement. In many ways theirs is a new version of added value of “together we shall prosper”.

This generation of youths sees the Akwa-Ibom man not only leading his family and his community but leading this country and the world to a place that is highly desired by positives and progressives minded people.

Governor Akpabio is determined to return Akwa-Ibom to its original position and highest potentials. The mantle of leadership rested upon Akpabio’s shoulders along with the success of a new generation of leadership against oppression reminds us we can again be come what the world aspires to.

This inspired generation of youths is convinced that Akpabio, the Joshua of our generation will not only lead us to the Promised Land, but we will possess the promise Land .

Udom  a policy analyst, researcher life optimization coach is the Vice president inspired youths for Akpabio’s Advancement




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