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Date Published: 05/11/10

Kano Politics: Waiting for the exit of the Motley Picaroons/Barbarians By Magaji Idris


A guest after been fed looks at the sun, but in Kano they used to stay and aspire to achieve ownership. May be they have nowhere to go because they don't know from where they come. A picaroon is a social parasite, or a person of low estate who manages to exploit those in more elevated positions.

We are not unmindful of the levity, the ineptitude, the trousers, the sinners of the flesh, the evil innocence, the peculation, the graffito on the walls, the stones throwing and the snapping on the face, the conglomerate of mulattos, the Bornoans, Bendelites, and many more who have been bedeviling the Shekarau's administration--a very depressing sampler of painted gloves which smear the sports/soccer. We are waiting, hoping and praying to see them meet their waterloo crisis, because they are people whose whims and caprices are more important than reputation, integrity and religion.

The 'ADAI-DAI-TA SAHU' is the most over-worked cliché of the Shekarau's government. And because God promises never again to wreak such havoc of Sodom and Gomorra, so instead of comfort girls they opted for comforting catamites/boys to gratify them. Lying, pretence and cheating under an oath become a CATCH-22 SITUATION, because you cannot get the position without the pretence and lying, and you cannot pretend without the position.

Most of the cabinet members of the Shekarau's administration have two States, their State of origin and Kano State. It is alleged that because of their minute and shallow root/background, they detest any thing biographical about themselves. Shekarau himself enjoined his Director General on Research and Documentation not to encourage and accept any biographical profiling on the governor, whose biography only postulated that he was born in Kwalli Quarters inside Kano City, and later settled at the freed slaves/courtiers slum called Giginyu, a suburb of Kano City. No any literature that introduces us to the circumstances of Malam Shekarau's birth/origin, or the heroic feat/deeds of his progenitors--a picaroon, whose tribe is one of those minority Bornueses lost to Kano.

The governor once postulated in the Daily Trust Newspaper of 6 th September 2005 (p.29) that “Before we have a useless child, there must have been a useless elder…” And I retorted that the catamited boys shall have no action to be meted on them. We will not take those (pet boys) in isolation because they would not be without adult role models just like what Mallam Shekarau posited. And if he becomes the president, Shekarau will enact a law that “Teachers should not be didactic outside the classroom'

The venal,opportunistic politicians and some few drop-out academicians surrounding him have been ascribing him the character of infallibility,or a mistaken saint. But to most of us, it is a government of mere cockroaches, picaroons and pigs the filthiest, always busy battening on the pre-philosophical, expendable masses because still there have been no families' relief  and practical utopian scheme to make substantial difference between pre-sharia and post sharia enactment in Kano State. Only the misguided and the uncouth have always been admiring and resigning in more vigorous defense of this imposture government, which is tottering on the brink and sooner or later, it will be traveling to desuetude or to the same spot with Satan and our curse will certainly follow them and their progeny because all women become like their mothers, and that is their tragedy.

Contradictions are the stuff of life as Aye Kwei Armah says: 'Our times demand from us just one great observance, that we should pretend. To live well now means to develop as highly as possible the ability to do one thing while saying, and preferably also thinking another thing entirely. The successful livers are those with entrails hard enough to bear the contradictions and thrive on it.”  This gives us some cues to the present administration--where the elites become the cheat, the wise become the fools and the ordinary become the bizarre. Of profane men and pests of the society attributing their attainment of leadership as Abraham's happiness and with reckless abandon they continued exploiting the Job's patience of the masses.  

If a horn beeps, you beef it. It is glaringly clear that this pseudo-government is adept at bullying the soft(primary schools teachers) and fearing the strong(its henchmen and pet boys), and it is for sure that the overseer will school in adversity and will then ponder over the betrayal by his to be Judases when the revelries, paraphernalia  and office spoils ended. Time cannot be stalled, and there will always be a pay back time even if they have been escaping the logic of failing.

  • God please, we are tired with this CAVIAR TO THE GERNERAL IDIOSYNCRACIES of the Shekarau's administration. It is an impostor and juggler of religion, which is always praised by its bad boy s and evil doers. We are tired of living without dependable supply of water, medicine, shelter, power and the lying by the sanctimonious malefactor politicians.
  • God, the world of primary schools teachers has been a miserable one, always surviving 'my brother my bully tactics' of the so called professional teacher but now turned a parvenu and Chief Security Officer of the State.
  • Civil servants have been battling and continued to grapple with belated, outworn and spent out monthly wages.
  • Pfizer and Dr Abdulhamid Isa Dutse's victims(Trovan Drugs Test) are transfixed with government's plan to swindle the victims of their compensation dues which the Pfizer had already disbursed to the government.       
  • Pensioners have now resorted to supplication to invoke the curse and wrath of God upon whomever are behind their travails and inhibition.
  • God, a midget both in mind and in size Hon. Farouk M. Lawan is also vying for the state exalted chair. He does not worth it because he is penurious, opportunist, misanthrope, pretender of little faith or nominal believer who could not command great deal of respect and good leadership. Down grade him to his miniature both in size, weight, affluence and influence. Let him be dwarfed by his inordinate ambition and his hatred of mankind.
  • God, a psychotic/ruffian with power Sule Lamido is haughty and moron, and like RAMSES II, Lamido is playing it god. Drown him like you did to RAMSES II, or let him suffer the trauma of no longer being the number I citizen of even his family.

Lest we forget: we are not oblivious that no few people will govern/rule for the welfare and benefit of majority, and that the amoral, only tiny fraction, will continue to lord, it over the gullible, expendable moral majority-just like in the present dispensation. The leaders and their henchmen pray and follow some religious laws publicly, but as a mascot to perpetuate in power and affluence, they also practice fetishsm and lust in their assignation, tryst and guest houses.

Lastly we take inference from Shakespeare's love's labour lost, Act IV, Scene III, which is a verisimilitude and germane to the topical allusion to Nigerian leadership: “Black is the badge of hell. The hue of dungeons. And scowl of night.”

Next edition will be; Kano Politics: The debut of frivolous and drugs on the market politicians.

Magaji Idris

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