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Date Published: 05/11/10

Characteristics of a Corrupt Leader BY IKENNA SAMUELSON IWUOHA


On the 4 th of December 2008, the Sun publications Ltd, publishers of SUN NEWSPAPER held its first ever economic summit in the south East at the Imo Concorde Hotel Owerri.    

One of the speakers and Chief host at the occasion is Ikedi Ohakim (Imo Governor). Ohakim spoke on leadership. He ended his speech by suggesting that corrupt leaders should be stoned. This writer supports Ohakim,s suggestion 100% because why development has eluded Nigeria in general and south east in particular is corrupt leadership. The question now is what are the characteristics of corrupt leaders? What are the indices or benchmark which we will use to measure corrupt leaders? The following point of references will help us identify a corrupt leader.  

(1)     A leader who is a pathological liar and who tells lies to his people is corrupt.

(2)     A leader who dips his fingers and tampers with local government funds is corrupt.

(3)     A leader who travels abroad all the time in the guise of looking for “foreign investor” only to end up buying properties in major cities of the world is very corrupt

(4)     A leader who signs “memorandum of understanding” with a non existent foreign company for the establishment of a refinery in his constituency is corrupt.

(5)     A leader who promotes anti-people’s policies is corrupt.

(6)     A leader who finds pleasure in using funds meant for the development of his people to buy mansions and duplexes for his girlfriend and mistresses is corrupt.

(7)     A leader who invites other leaders to come and commission projects executed by his predecessor while claiming that he built them is very corrupt.

(8)     A leader who allows people of questionable characters to head government Agencies and Ministries is very corrupt.

(9)     A leadership that promotes a bill for the renaming of an institution after a man who was removed from office for certificate forgery is a very corrupt leader.

(10)   A leadership that promotes anti-people policy or the other just to make sure that the poor masses remain suppressed is corrupt.

(11)   A leadership that dissolves market union executives and imposes his relative as leaders of all the market union in his “constituency” is very corrupt.

(12)   A leader whose special assistant on protocol was recently involved in fertilizer scam and fraud and was arrested by the police in Abuja , but still went ahead to secure bail for him is corrupt.

(13)   A leader who awards road contract at five times the actual cost and yet the roads are never completed is very corrupt.

(14)   A leader who rules his constituency only on the pages of newspapers with propaganda when in actual fact there is really nothing on ground is very corrupt.

(15)   A leader who intimidates the local press and threatens them with closure if they report true events in his constituency, a leader who offers Board Chairmanship of Agencies in his constituency to publishers of local Newspaper as bribe so that true events in his constituency would not be published is corrupt.

(16)   A leader who recently immortalized a man who conducted the worst election in Nigeria (as have proved by the upturning and mollification of result) with the renaming of a popular road in his constituency after him is very corrupt.

(17)   A leader whose rate of acquisition of personal properties is inversely proportional to the rate of development in his constituency is very corrupt.

(18)   A leader who awards contracts only roughly to companies he has interest in is very corrupt.

(19)   A leader who forcefully changed his female appointee in his cabinet just because she refused to approve a large sum of money for unusual “purpose” is very corrupt.

(20)   A leader who threatens social critics, public opinion analysts and social crusaders with jail terms if they continue to criticize and expose his government is corrupt.

(21)   A leader who shares his constituency’s monthly allocation meant for development with the rich in the society and members of the legislature is absolutely corrupt.        

The above points of references are just preambles of a corrupt leader.      

Nigerians must be very thankful to Governor Ikedi Ohakim for boldly informing them on what to do to corrupt leaders. But as ikedi Ohakim has advocated, stoning these leaders will mean calling for a revolution. Conversely, it shows that revolution is very much possible in Nigeria .  

To conclude, I make bold to say that a man insincerely pointing one finger at corruption has his remaining four fingers pointing at him. This is what I call Sincerity of Falsehood.    





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