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Date Published: 05/10/10




Kudos to my former lecturer of English Syntax and Morphology Dr. E.B.AJULO who defined the noun “play-boy” as: “It is not a boy that plays but a man who never outgrows from childish (capricious and whimsical) behaviour.” (sic)

It is hardly if the womankind and many mature people from the north will look at some Distinguished child abusing Senators (all principal officers) with a conviction as men of integrity and charisma but rather will be looked upon as play-boys, Don-Juan and Casanova complex.

How comes when ageing is wearing them down but whimsically plunging and over indulging themselves into fantasy and romanticism of marrying teenagers too young to be their grand daughters? Such amounts to child abuse, masochism and sexual slavery.

The most harrowing thing about this romantic marriage was that the Distinguished Senator had to divorce another teenager ebony wife only to be engaged with a thirteen years old racist girl, too young to be his grand daughter. By the time the Senator will clock 80 years old, the racist teenager wife will be 30 years old, or so, and even before that the play-boy Senator must employ the use of Viagra and other inducements with all their concomitant side effects to ageing  people and if he could not satisfy her, some could do that for him even among his children’s friends, or the racist teenager wife may feign some relationship with some of her ilk and foments  some contrivances of some sort, or attractive as anything one loved, there is time when it will bore you, the Senator may get bored and tired with the teenager racist wife and send her packing like he did to the poor ebony teenager wife divorcee who happens to be the daughter of the Senator’s security guard. Their example is not worthy for emulation.

This Shari’a guru governor and now a Senator turned womankind and matrimonial wives into mere togs/clothes, which he puts on and changes at will, and whenever he relishes. Such dispositions of the Distinguished child abusing Senators is giving a bad impression of the Islamic allowance for polygamy to the men folks and forcing the women folks to hate and demonize it with a view to preferably embrace Christian monogamy as virtuous.

These Distinguished child abusing Senators kept some matrimonial wives just like shop/tailor’s dummies without wondering what will happen to the wives whom are never taken care of satisfactorily in all marital ramifications and stances but still the play-boy Senators kept augmenting more surplus burdens and engaging in a labour of love-just making matrimonial marriage like a lottery-something uncertain.

The grasping, backstabbing men always mortgage their conscience for mundane and whimsical fantasy because they don’t have control over their wayward hunting and sensual instincts thus why teenagers virginity has been raped and the matrimonial wives kept at home were made as sexless as a shop window/tailor’s dummies, thus child abuse virus has become endemic in the north.

  • Who then will be the elderly gentlemen that will legislate and make law that will remove the lust tempting eyes of the prodigal and corrupt leadership from our teenagers?
  • How could the lust tempting leadership stop to ponder over: “whether romantic marriages last”?
  • When would they stop lying to their spouses that they are on the brink of insolvency-insolvent debtors to their Bankers?
  • Must the spouses of the corrupt leaders be kept withering on the bank?
  • Will the Distinguished Senators ever legislate and pass into law that child marriage is a form of child abuse, masochism and sex slavery?

We pray to live long and see such legislation prevail/enacted.

Magaji Idris,
 Bangashe Kawwa Village,
Gaya-Ajingi Road,
Kano State.

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