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Date Published: 05/09/10

Enough of your insults, Odikro Akyea Mensah. By Daniel Danquay Damptey


If someone asks, what a grasshopper has to do at a meeting of animals, this will be my answer. That it is only a weak woman whose wife finds pleasure in another woman’s husband.

There is one person who thinks he is all knowing. His second nature is insults, for he virtually heaps insults and vituperation on every person who holds a different political opinion from his own. He has been heaping insults on my person by calling me very nasty names. Any NPP member who has criticized Baba Go Slow for his style of government has not escaped the caustic tongue of this impudent of human carcass. I have tolerated his tantrums and insults with the patience of Job, but there is a limit to what the human heart can take. So, today, I have decided to take him on and match him boot for boot.

Who is this bigot called Akyea Mensah?   I believe any real and genuine person who accesses Ghanaweb knows the bigot I am referring to. The guy who calls himself Odikro Akyea Mensah is the greatest demagogue I have ever come across.   Initially, I felt there was no need to bandy words with someone whose sense is dulled by the by the germ which causes elephantiasis. He is someone who cannot see beyond his nose, yet he thinks he is clever enough to insult others. I have never offended him in any of my write ups, yet he calls me, Daniel Danquah Damptey a fool. Has he forgotten that he depends on what I write before he makes those nasty comments? Without my features, this putrid of a human caricature will never have the opportunity to exhibit his uncivilized, uncouth, primitive, ungentlemanly and un-Ghanaian characteristics, for which he so proud of.

Need I remind readers that Akyea Mensah is a person who, throughout his life, has never come up with any literary piece to give others the opportunity to assess his academic and mental capacity? But from the way he argues without providing facts to either refute or support his point, I can deduce that he is suffering from some form of mental hallucination which makes think he is actually behaving like a normal human being, whereas he is not. This puts him the category of very dangerous specie that is yet to mutate to the level of a normal human being. Readers, do we have to give such specie an opportunity to live amongst us? I don’t think we do. We have to deny him the opportunity to exhibit his stupidity and lack of decorum.

This man is despicable:   I wonder why his wife and children have not bothered to call him to order. Obviously, he is a disgrace to his parents who had to spend their hard-earned money to educate and train him to be a responsible citizen. Obviously if, this is all that he can exhibit on most web sites, then I look down on him as someone despicable.  I have been taught to put up my best facial expression in public. Let me also state that if I don’t encounter people as despicable as Odikro Akyea Mensah, I would not have missed anything of value.

Open Challenge to debate him: There was a time this mitigating disaster threw an open challenge to me to debate him. Of course, I politely declined. Why? Here is somebody who doesn’t reason intelligently. He bases his arguments on insults. A good example is his comment on one of my latest features in which he calls me a fool. But the question is, was there anything foolish in what I wrote? No! Yet this bigot in his maladjusted state of intelligence had the guts and temerity to call me a fool. That comments have shown the level of his exposure and upbringing which is not something any sane person will be proud of. Did he have any home training at all? I doubt it! Should a parent be proud of having a son like this Odikro who appears to be in great need of psychiatric help? He has degenerated to such a level that his senses are not working coherently. And you expect me to waste my precious time on such a calamity! No, not me! Count me out. As the Nigerian will say when he detests something, he will use the word  “tofiakwa”. Yes that is the right word!

Akyea Mensah is confused: Dear Reader, this putrid of a human substance calls me a fool. This specie of a barbarian says my pieces are boring. If it is so, why does he bother to read them? Has he not exposed himself as someone lacking self-confidence and respect by making comments on something he claims to be boring and therefore of no substance? Am I to conclude that he made those disparaging comments without reading the entire piece? If he did that, then he is the least intelligent beast that ever roamed this sinful world of ours

This “educated illiterate” should upgrade himself academically: You know something? The guy writes very bad and unintelligible English. Why should I bother to engage somebody who cannot put two simple sentences together in an intellectual discourse? Why should I demean myself to debate somebody who does not know the difference between a phrase and a clause? Yes, that is how bad the Odikro writes. In his comments on one of my latest articles, the pseudo intellectual wrote, “In the meanwhile” .O God, why did you make me cross paths with this arrogant and self-seeking repulsive individual? And you expect me to engage such a person in an intellectual discourse? No! Let the Odikro Akyea Mensa first upgrade himself through some form of a mass literacy programme before he throws his weight about.

Home is hell for wife and children:   For Sure, the man is deficient in many aspects. He does not even have any sense of humour. I bet you, his household will be bereft of good ideas and his wife and children will perpetually be in bondage to him all their lives, for I don’t see the possibility of such a person allowing members of his family to voice out their opinions on matters that affect them. Yes, this is the Odikro, who, because of his uncivilized mien, his kingdom has shrunk to that of a hamlet without subjects. No wonder, he went for the title, ‘Odikro’ instead of ‘Ohene’  

A little learning is a dangerous thing:   In all his comments or write ups, he never comes up with any new idea or constructive criticism. Is this the way he is helping rebuild the nation? When he makes a point, he doesn’t buttress it with facts and figures. Yet he expects others to swallow his ideas hook, line and sinker. A dictator, one might say. This so-called Chief without subjects has deluded himself into thinking that he knows everything, whereas he knows nothing. A little learning is a dangerous thing, you know. His eccentric nature repels others from him, for who in these modern times would like to play second fiddle to another? Nobody! Isn’t it time this saucy and flippant Akyea Mensah was told in plain language that it takes more than insults to tackle issues with Daniel Danquah Damptey. If he doesn’t know, he should come to terms with that reality.

Conclusion:   Odikro Akyea Mensah should have time for sober reflection. His unguarded and stupid utterances must be balanced by my mature attempts to breathe sanity into his mind. I state here and I will do so a million times. Odikro Akyea Mensa is not intelligent enough to understand the significance of my literary piece. He is blinded by empty pride and envy. His effusions and crude traits only go a long way to unfold his shallowness and inferiority complex. In an attempt to bring down Daniel Danquah Damptey through his disparaging comments, he only ends up showing why I, Daniel Danquah Damptey should be commended for threading the path where Angels at times fear to tread. Readers have no cause to embark on a hate syndrome but to admire and encourage me for my stand on most issues. All the gra-gra Odikro Akyea Mensa and his likes have attempted to do are based on jealousy because they cannot present any such impeccable literary piece for others to enjoy. 

Daniel Danquah Damptey (danieldanquah_damptey@yahoo. com)

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