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Date Published: 05/06/10



Politics is the beauty of democracy, politics ought not be of bitterness, blackmail, vendetta, intimidation, violence, because such has a negative consequence in the general polity, instead it could have been more imperative to promote politics of development, fairness, justice, equity, peace and tranquility.

Atiku Abubakar has distinguished himself amongst his peers as a democrat, a decent humble detribalized Nigerian; a first class politician, in view of his pedigree as one of the pillars of democracy.

He was unjustly expelled from the largest party in Africa, a party he co-founded; it is therefore not out of place to return back to where he originally belongs. The absence of Atiku Abubakar in PDP for the past years created a vacuum while his return will also tremendously add more electoral prospects as he is a golden fish that has no hidden place in our political landscape.

Where experience counts, Atiku is the man to watch, he would bring the desired impact of the party in government as most of the reforms would blossom post 2011. He has continued to dominate the political landscape like a colossus; he remains the interventionist in the political history and economy of Nigeria. The party cannot foreclose the option of positioning Atiku as the rallying point at this critical and turbulent time of this nation. Atiku would now assist the party to strengthen its policies which are so numerous to mention, as he would have no difficulty in whatsoever in identifying those who can assist the party in government, the PDP, in running this country effectively.

Why has Atiku Abubakar’s return to the PDP being the question in the minds of Nigerians? Yes! It is because of his deep sense of responsibility, patriotism and commitment, after careful reflection on the state of the nation, he decided to return to his party, the PDP. He is a gentleman with great mind in discussing ideas, a man who would not call a spade by another name. Back to his wealth of experience, his career in the public service and his participation in the struggle for the restoration of democratic rule in Nigeria has afforded him the opportunity to interact with the diverse people of this country with an insight of what is needed to make modest contributions to the socio-economic policies for the betterment of Nigeria under the past PDP government.

Atiku’s return would definitely change the face of political activities in the party and it was overwhelmingly accepted by his esteem supporters across the six geo-political zone of the country. It is also a blessing to the party in Adamawa State where the party is factionalized. With Atiku as a bridge, the party would once again get its act together instead of the impression that he was returning to hijack the party in the state. Who is afraid of this political masquerade?

Let us therefore, rise to free our nation from those power brokers who are suffocating our democracy as this would adversely affect the socio-economic and political growth of our great country, Nigeria.

Okoi Ken. Egu-Uno


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